India Vs England LIVE SCORE (t20)

India Vs England At Narendra Modi Stadium, Motera, Ahmedabad, 14 March, 2021

14 March, 2021
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

164/6 (20.0 ov)

2nd T20I

166/3 (17.5 ov)

India beat England by 7 wickets










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Sam Curran not out 6 5 1 0
Chris Jordan not out 0 0 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4 0 28 1
Washington Sundar 4 0 29 2










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Virat Kohli (C) not out 73 49 5 3
Shreyas Iyer not out 8 8 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Sam Curran 4 1 22 1
Jofra Archer 4 0 24 0

Right then. A comprehensive win for India and they have bounced back in some fashion. They will look to build on this, whereas the English Lions will be looking to put this loss behind them and focus on their next game. The third T20I between them will be played on Tuesday, 16th March 2021 at 1900 local (1330 GMT). We hope to have your company for that game. Until then, cheers!

ISHAN KISHAN IS THE MAN OF THE MATCH! He says that his seniors helped him to go out there and express himself. Adds that it is not easy to play in your first game and he has got good advice from his seniors. On his frustration when he got out, he feels that the reverse sweep is a good shot but it did not work out and he wanted to finish the game but he was not able to. Says that his favored shot was against Tom Curran for a six. Stresses that he is not going to feel this way ever again and felt that this was his time to shine.

The Indian skipper, Virat Kohli says it was a very good game for them, they did really well with the ball especially in the second half. Adds Sundar was really good, he bowled cleverly and so did the rest and he is very pleased with how they performed in all departments. Admits it did come onto the bat better in the second innings and that is why he wanted to bowl first but the England bowlers were a little too short. Credits the way Ishan played and he changed the game completely. States Kishan is a fearless character and he should continue to back his instincts, he played calculated cricket and that is what you exactly what to see. Also says he needed to shift the focus back to the basics of the game, he is more pleased about doing the job for his team than his individual performance. Also informs he had a chat with ABD before the game and that helped. Credits that Hardik Pandya is bowling well, he has worked hard on his fitness, and now it is just about managing his workload and keeping him fit. Ends by saying, England are a quality side and you need to be at your best against them.

Eoin Morgan, the English skipper, says that at the halfway stage, they were in the game and feels that India bowled well and the wicket had less pace on this one. Adds that India pushed them on the back foot and their disappointing thing for them was that they did not play well on this slow wicket. Feels that statistically, it is better to chase and credits India again for the way that they played. States that they missed Wood and hopes that he will be fit for the third game. Says that they won't be practicing a lot and they want to get this experience under their belt.

Washington Sundar is in for a quick chat! He says that the wicket was a much better one than the one that they played on in the 1st game and says that they batted really well. Adds that he loves bowling with the new ball and is happy that he did that today. On Bairstow's wicket, he says that he had a chat with Kohli as Bairstow was looking to go hard and they decided to bowl a slower one to get him out and it worked out. Says that they did not talk a lot about the loss that they had and they wanted to improve and praises England for their performance in the 1st game but is happy to bounce back with a win. Praises Kishan and Pant for their knocks.

The England bowling started off quite well but have to say, the 6th over by Tom Curran just shifted the momentum completely. After that, they had no answers to the power of the Indian batters. One can also say, they just did not have enough on the board.

Kishan and Kohli then smashed a partnership which probably killed the game! The two started off slowly but once they got their eye in, scored at will. Especially the debutant. He was smashing it all around the park. The two added 94 in no time with Kishan being the mainstay. He smashed a half ton on debut before being dismissed. Pant then continued and kept the momentum going but he too could not stay out there for long. Iyer and Kohli, who also scored a half century, played sensibly and took their side over the line.

A thumping win for India to level the series! To be honest, the game was won by them in the last 5 overs of the England innings. England were well on course to get to 180 but some excellent bowling kept them down to 165 which was never going to be enough despite the visitors getting Rahul early.


SEALED WITH A SIX! Jordan runs in and bowls a shortish ball on middle and leg, Kohli swivels and pulls this one with power way over the fine leg fence. INDIA WIN BY 7 WICKETS! 166/3


FOUR! Beautiful shot. Kohli is on fire. A good length ball on middle, Kohli whips this one through the square leg region and the ball speeds away to the ropes. Only 5 more needed now.


Full, on off, worked to mid on for one.


Shuffles around inside the crease and Jordan bowls a short one around middle, Iyer backs away and looks to play this over point but fails to get any bat on this.


A full toss on leg, Kohli whips this one to fine leg for one. Kohli seems frustrated as he knew he could have sent that packing over the ropes.


Fuller and around off, Virat backs away and drills this one to the mid off fielder for a single. Only 11 more needed now. India will be looking to wrap the game up in the next over. 154/3


Bowls a bumper on middle, VK looks to pull but to no avail.


FOUR! Not the best timed shot but this one will still be a boundary. On a good length and outside off, Kohli stands tall and just lofts this one over covers. The ball lands safe, takes a couple of bounces and goes past the ropes.


Good length and around off, worked to mid-wicket, where Tom makes a good stop.


Punched to deep covers for a single.


Good length on off, worked through mid-wicket for a single.


Short again, on off, Kohli backs away and slaps this one back to Rashid, who half-stops it, but the ball goes to long off. One run. 18 more needed in 4 overs. 147/3


Short again around off, Iyer pulls this one to deep mid-wicket and gives the strike back to Virat.


Flatter outside off, Kohli slaps this one through covers for a single.


Comes down the track and pushes this one to mid off.


NOT OUT! Kohli does not go back. It was good work by Jos but it does not matter. Floated around off, spins away as Kohli lunges forward, looking to push this one away but misses. Buttler collects the ball and whips the bails off. An appeal and the square leg umpire takes this one upstairs. Replays roll in and the third umpire has a couple of looks at this and decides that there is a part of the boot, behind the crease and so this will be not out.

A stumping appeal has ben referred. England are not that excited.


Floated on middle, worked through mid on for one.


On a good length outside off, Kohli skips down the track again looking to smash it through covers but does not connect bat with ball. Only 22 more needed in 5 overs. 143/3


Fuller on middle, worked to mid on for a quick single.


Around off, worked to covers for one.


SIX! FIFTY FOR VIRAT KOHLI! His 26th ton in this format and he has been on fire. There were a lot of questions regarding his form but he has shut everyone down with this display. On a good length and around off, charges down the track and lofts this one nicely over the long off region for a biggie.


Length on middle, whipped through square leg for a single.


Shimmies down the track and works this one through mid on for a single. Kohli moves to 47 now.


Well fielded! Shorter and angled into the pads, Iyer works it through backward square leg. The man in the deep runs to his right, dives and keeps it down to two. So 14 from the over and a wicket from it. 32 needed. 133/3


Fuller and on off, this is hit down to long off for one.


OUT! TAKEN! Pant is out of here now! On middle, it is a slower one. Pant looks to whip it but ends up chipping it towards the man at deep mid-wicket and Jonny Bairstow takes a simple catch. Pant goes back mumbling a few things to himself as he was not happy with this stroke. But his quick cameo has helped India.

Now, is it Iyer or Yadav? It is the former as Shreyas Iyer strides out now!


SIX! All the way! Fuller and outside off, once again it is a slower one. Pant plays a similar shot he did on the last ball but this time hits it uppishly and clears the cover fence. India are in a hurry to end this.


FOUR! Smashed! Pant really hits the ball hard. A slower one and it is in the slot. Full and outside off. Pant picks it and he smashes it through covers for a boundary.


Kohli steps out and then works it through mid-wicket for one.


FOUR! THRASH! Pant will not miss out. Ends the over well for India. This is short and wide. Rishabh just stays put and whacks this one over covers for a boundary. 46 more needed in 42 balls. 119/2


Bangs in a short ball on off, VK does not time his pull all that well through square leg. But still enough for him to give the strike back to Pant.


On a good length and outside off, Pant slams this one to Jofra again, who half-stops the ball and lets the batters exchange ends.


Short and outside off, slapped away to Jofra at covers.


Another length ball on middle, Kohli shimmies down the track and punches this through mid off. Rotates the strike.


On a good length and outside off, worked through mid on for a single.


NOT OUT! Pant is well in! Once again we see the ball turn. It lands on middle and then spins away. Kohli drops it towards cover. Pant wants a run. The fielder rushes to the ball and then hits the stumps at the keeper's end. Pant dives to make it in but there is still an appeal. Pant does not care about the appeal but instead takes the overthrow as it deflects wide of the fielder backing up. It is referred and replays show that Pant is fine. 111/2


The googly, it lands on off and then spins away. Pant looks to work it on the leg side. It goes off the leading edge towards cover for one.

The third umpire is called in to check this run out appeal! One replay shows that the Rishabh's bat was well inside the crease.


Shorter and on the pads, this is worked through square leg for one.


Shorter and outside off, this is slapped through covers for one.


SIX! TONKED! That is huge! Pant too loves the slog sweep and he gets it out. Nails it over the mid-wicket fence for a huge one.


Shorter and around off, this is pushed through covers for one.


A single now as this is flicked through square leg for one. Kohli wanted two but will have to settle for just the single. 99/2


Short and around off, pulled away through square leg and the batters exchange ends.


Around leg, on a length, Kohli flicks this one to deep square leg for a single.


On the middle pole, length, nudged to the on side for a quick single.


Slower good length ball outside off, pushed to the man at mid off this time.


On a good length around middle, pushed through the mid off region for a single.


OUT! LBW! Umpire's call it is and Kishan has to walk back! One shot too many by the youngster but that is how he was playing. He though has done his job and has played an absolute blinder on debut. He wanted to continue to find the boundaries so he brings out the reverse sweep again. Rashid bowls the flipper. It lands on middle and then skids through. Kishan misses the ball and is hit on the pads. An appeal and the finger is raised. Kishan reviews after a chat with his skipper but replays show that the on-field call stays. End of an action-packed over. 94/2

Will it be Shreyas Iyer or the other debutant, Suryakumar Yadav coming out now? Well, it won't be either as Rishabh Pant gets a promotion up the order now!


Two! Steps out and works it with soft hands through mid-wicket for two.

Review time! Kishan has been given out for LBW and after a chat with Kohli, they take the review. Ultra Edge shows flat line. Ball Tracker shows that the wickets are umpire's call. Will remain out and this is the end of a wonderful innings.


Looks to play the reverse sweep but this it bowled outside leg as Rashid sees him change position. Beaten.


Shorter and outside off, this is slapped towards cover.


SIX! Fifty for Kishan and what a way to bring it up! This is some innings from the young man. Full of flamboyance and authority. He gets another tossed up ball outside off, Kishan gets down on one knee and hits it over the long off fence for a biggie.


SIX! Over the fence! The slog sweep, he loves playing that shot. This is tossed up on the pads. He hits it well over the mid-wicket fence.


Short of a length and around off, pulled away to deep mid-wicket for one. 5 off Archer's third over. 80/1


Around off and middle, length, kept out.


WIDE. That is a ripper. Archer bowls a 145kph ball around off, a bouncer, Ishan looks to pull but gets beaten by the sheer pace on this. Wide signalled by the umpire though,


Good early call from Kishan, to his skipper to say no for the single. On a good length and around off, pushed to point.


On a good length and on middle and leg, Kishan looks to work this one the leg side but he misses and gets hit on the body.


Fired on middle, flicked through square leg for a single.


On a good length and outside off, Kohli strokes this one through point and by the time the fielder in the deep can run to his left and stop the ball, they come back for two.


Shorter and on off, this is pushed towards cover for one. 75/1


Floats it up on off, defended.


DROPPED! Stokes is the culprit! You do not see Stokes drop many but he just has over here. He probably rushed in a little too quickly. This is shorter and on middle, Kishan pulls it down towards long on. That come onto Kishan quickly and hence, he does not time it that well. Stokes comes running in and then tries to take it reverse cup but spills it. One run.


FOUR! Kishan into the 40s! What a debut he is having so far. This is nailed too. What a cracking sound off the bat that made. It is on middle, Kishan sweeps it hard in the gap in the mid-wicket region for a boundary.


On middle, Kishan plays it back to the bowler.


Outside off, Kishan jams it through point and takes two.

Change in bowling. Time for some spin now as Adil Rashid is handed the ball!


Around off, pushed to the point for a quick single. Virat wanted one more but was sent back by Ishan. Another big over for India. 17 runs off this one. 98 needed in 78 balls. 67/1


SIX! WOAHHHHH! This is incredible batting from Kishan. He is on a roll now. Shortish again and around off, Kishan smokes his pull way over deep square leg for a maximum.


On a good length and around off, pushed to the cover region.


Around off, length, clipped to mid-wicket for a single.


TOP EDGE AND SIX! Was looking to go to England, but ended up at Tokyo! On a good length and around off, Virat Kohli looks to slog this one through the leg side but the ball takes the outside edge and flies over third man for a biggie.


NO BALL! Around off, short of a length, Kohli looks to pull but the ball takes the leading edge, and falls back onto the turf. Stokes has overstepped and a no ball now. Free Hit loading...


Brilliant running from both of them. Shortish and around off, pulled away nice through square leg. They take one and Virat wants two. Races across and completes the double.


FOUR! Fifty up for India and this is a big 6th over for them. 16 from it. Yet another poor ball. It is short and on the body, a slower one. Kishan swivels and pulls it behind square on the leg side for a boundary. 50/1


Fuller and on middle, Kohli pushes it towards mid off and takes one. Good running.


Good batting! Lets the ball come to him now and then works it through square leg for one.


FOUR! Slapped! Length and outside off, Kishan stands tall and hammers it once again through covers. Kishan on the charge now.


Deft but for no runs! Shorter and around off, Kishan looks to guide it past short third man but finds the fielder there.


SIX! That is dismissive! This is right in the slot. Full and on off, Kishan picks it and slams it over the long on fence for a biggie. Welcome into the attack.

Change in bowling. The older Curran brother, Tom Curran comes onto bowl now!


Good length outside off, Kohli brings out his vintage cover drive and creams this one through covers. Malan runs to his left and stops the ball. Two runs. 12 runs off this one. A good one for India. 34/1


FOUR! Kohli is a man on a mission now! Very nicely played. A slowish short ball around middle, Kohli waits and then swivels and hooks this one over the short fine leg man for a boundary.


A slower ball around off, Kohli waits for it and then guides it to the man at point.


On a good length around off, Kishan slogs this one, with the inner half of the blade, uppishly, just ahead of Malan at deep square leg for a single.


Outside off, slapped away to deep covers for one.


EDGED AND FOUR! Buttler got his hands on this but failed to hold on. A length ball, down the leg side, Kohli looks to flick this one but only manages to tickle this one to the left of Buttler, who is not able to hold on. Races away to the ropes.

Bowling change. Chris Jordan is introduced into the attack now!


Another short ball on middle, VK comes down the track and pulls this to square leg. One run to end the over. 7 off Jofra's second over. 22/1


Runs in and digs a short ball outside off, VK just sways away from the line of the ball.


On a good length and outside off, Kohli works this to the man at cover-point.


Leg bye. On the pads, IK misses his clip away and the ball goes to the leg side, off the pads. A leg bye is sneaked in.


Now nudges this to square leg to follow up the boundary, with a single.


FOUR! SLAP! That is vintage Kohli! Every Indian fan was waiting for Kolhi to dispatch a ball to the ropes. Shortish and around off, Kohli swivels nicely and smacks this one through mid-wicket.


On a good length outside off, Virat stokes this one through covers for a single. 9 off this one. 15/1


Length and around off, Kishan looks to push this one to the off side but the ball takes the inner half of the blade and goes through square leg for a single.


Another length ball on the pads, gently nudged through square leg by Kohli for one.


Pushed to mid off for a quick single. Good running and a good call by Ishan.


FOUR! Kishan will play how he always has been! With intent! On a shorter length and outside off, Kishan pulls this one to the deep mid-wicket region and the ball takes a couple of bounces, before going over the ropes.


On a good length on middle, clipped to the square leg region for a single.


On a good length outside off, stroked to point. A good over by Archer. Just 6 off this one. 6/1


Good length and around off and middle, tucked to the mid-wicket fielder. A loud 'no' from Kishan, to Kohli, for the single.


On middle and leg, short of a length, IK looks for the slog to the leg side but misses and the ball hits the pad.


Back of a length ball around off and middle, Virat hops and tucks this one to square leg for a single. Gets off the mark straightaway, does the Indian skipper!


Outside off, worked to point for a single.


FOUR! That's not a bad way to start your international career. Bowls a back of a length ball on the pads, Kishan just tickles this one fine to the fine leg fence for a boundary. India and Kishan are underway!

The skipper, Virat Kohli strides out into the middle now. Will be expecting a big performance from him now. Also, Jofra Archer to bowl from the other end.


OUT! TAKEN! What a brilliant first over from Curran and Rahul goes back again without doing much! He will be disappointed with his show here, after the first T20I! Now he bowls a good length ball across the right-hander, gets it to move away slightly as Rahul looks to have a poke at this. Only manages an outside edge which is easily pouched by Jos Buttler! Early success for the Brits! 0/1


Around middle, good length, nudged to the mid on region. Yet to open his and India's account, is KL!


Short of a length ball around off and middle, Rahul manages to push it back towards Sam.


Full around off, worked to covers.


Now he bowls a good length ball around off, comes back in slightly, as KL pushes it back to Sam. He takes the ball and throws it to Rahul's end but it deflects off KL's pads and goes to the off side.


Good ball first up from Sam. Bowls a full ball, just around off, holds its line as Rahul looks to have a poke at this. Misses and the ball goes to Jos Buttler!