India Vs Sri Lanka LIVE SCORE (test)

India Vs Sri Lanka At Eden Gardens, Kolkata, 16 November, 2017

16 November, 2017
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

172/10 (59.3 ov)

352/8 (88.4 ov)

1st Test

294/10 (83.4 ov)

75/7 (26.3 ov)

India drew with Sri Lanka










Batting Status R B 4s 6s
Umesh Yadav not out 6 8 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Suranga Lakmal 19 12 26 4
Lahiru Gamage 17.3 5 59 2










Batting Status R B 4s 6s
Lahiru Gamage not out 0 3 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 27 5 88 4
Mohammed Shami 26.3 5 100 4










Batting Status R B 4s 6s
Virat Kohli (C) not out 104 119 12 2
Mohammed Shami not out 12 11 2 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Suranga Lakmal 24.4 4 93 3
Lahiru Gamage 23 2 97 1










Batting Status R B 4s 6s
Dasun Shanaka not out 6 17 1 0
Rangana Herath not out 0 4 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 11 8 8 4
Mohammed Shami 9.3 4 34 2

So, that's it from us in this game! Although rain dominated the first couple of days in the match, a good contest between bat and ball ensued later on. That it had such a close finish adds weightage to the adage that in cricket, it isn't over till it's really over. Both these sides clash for the second Test in Nagpur on 24th November. Join us at 0930 local time (0400 GMT) then. Till then, it's a goodbye from us.

BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR is the Man of the Match. He says that as the surface was drier, it was difficult to bowl in the second innings than the first. There was reverse swing available, he states. On changing from being just a swing bowler to having those extra yards of pace, he opines that he always wanted to improve on that. Ends saying that the mindset was that of playing in overseas conditions and hence they could never afford to relax.

VIRAT KOHLI states that it was important to make a game of this in whatever time was available. Opines that although the conditions changed drastically after the first couple of days, it was important for them to not let the opposition get far ahead in the game. Towards the end, he says that more on Sri Lanka's batting collapses, he relied on his teams strengths as given the position that the opposition were in, mistakes from the batsmen would have been hard to come. Bowling in the right areas was the aim, he further states. About Bhuvneshwar Kumar, he says that with his abilities, he could be a regular starter in the coming games as he bowls in the right areas at a good pace. States that after Saha departed, he and Bhuvi decided to have some fun. The new ball made it easier to score runs quickly and with a positive intent, lucked too favoured them. Although it feels good to score 50 international tons even though the journey hasn't been a long one, he ends saying that his mindset isn't about personal milestones but to help his side win.

DINESH CHANDIMAL says that winning the toss helps in such conditions. States that they fought and played well till the very end as a team. He is happy as they competed well. States that Lakmal has been doing well for them in the past couple of years and is trustworthy at any point of time. Feels great for Herath who scored his third Test fifty although there was very little for him to do with the ball. Reckons that even in the series against Pakistan, batting in the second innings was the key and his side needs to learn how to do so and that is the key going forward.

In a way, both sides were pushed to their limits and then came back well to end in the middle of the equilibrium. Looking at the way they played, the draw seems to be the best result in the end. Stay tuned as we get to you the captains' view.

MOHAMMED SHAMI says that the bowlers had to put those extra efforts to pick up wickets towards the end. Observes that even the crowd enjoyed that passage of play. States that they were trying 100 percent to bowl in the right areas and get a win. Being a local lad, he knew that sun would come out after the second day for play to take place. He made his debut on this ground the experience gained by playing along with the likes of Sachin Tendulkar always helps, he reckons. Ends saying that he carries that confidence even today.

Dickwella combined with his skipper Chandimal to forge a 47-run stand that just took the hosts by surprise. Add to that, Dickwella getting under the Indian player's skin only aided their cause. They were made to waste the 'precious' match time as the threat of bad light and hence an early stumps always loomed. It was a gutsy knock but Kumar helped India make further inroads after making the early strikes. As much as India would have liked to have carried on, the umpires carried them off, eventually having to settle for a draw.

Although Lakmal and Shanaka, with their twin three-wicket strikes, helped them have a target of 231, it was always a bit too much considering the conditions and the time available. Both of them were really good even without much assistance off the track. They got off to a horrid start with the bat though. Having been 22/4, chances of a defeat increased. Then came the moment, which you can say, saved them to a great extent.

India were off to a reasonably flying start as Dhawan and Rahul laid a solid platform of 166 runs. Both of them missed out the respective tons. The southpaw would deem himself unlucky as he looked in command before his mind and bad light got the better of him. But then India were caught in a quandary as to whether play for being safe or go for the kill, i.e., get quick runs and set Sri Lanka a target that they would look to get. India did get to the latter plan but it was a bit too late in hindsight. Kohli was in front of all this. He played an innings that we are so used to see from him in white-ball cricket. That made the Lankans seem flat on the field.

However, India were saved the blushes by Pujara who played another characteristic knock of his to help them post what looked then a decent total on the board. He was helped from some useful cameos from lower down the order. It's easy to say that the highlight of the Sri Lankan batting lay in Herath's 3rd Test fifty. That wouldn't have counted for anything though if not for some good fighting half centuries from Mathews and Thirimanne. Dickwella too got a start but didn't carry on. Then came the second innings, that changed the course of the game.

Sri Lanka can give themselves a pat on the back for more than one reason. Firstly, they quashed all those talks that pointed to another whitewash or a domination by India, by starting exceedingly well with the ball. Lakmal was just outstanding with the assistance that he got from up as well as down. In overcast conditions on a green track, he was menacing to say the least.

Hush! What an hour of play towards the end we have had! What looked like a tame draw at most points of time turned out to be a draw albeit a thrilling one. The Indian seamers gave their all to pick 7 Sri Lankan wickets. Kumar was just magnificent with the ball as figures of 11-8-8-4 seldom lie. He got good support from Shami from the other end as well. As much as their efforts should have reaped rewards, they'd feel hard done by the fading light.

The umpires get together once again. Signs do not look promising for India, who have one foot on the win. The umpires talk to each other, check the light meters and decide that the light is poor to continue. Kohli has a talk with the umpires and then is seen shaking hands with the Sri Lankan batsmen. Yes, IT IS A DRAW, but an interesting one towards the end.


Fuller around off, Dasun presents the full face of the bat to defend that.


The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.


Shami steams in and lands it around off. Shanaka blocks it with a straight bat.

The Sri Lankan physio was seen rushing out. Not sure who asked for it, but the umpires know the game of cricket and have sent him off immediately.


Brilliantly bowled! Kumar nails a yorker in line of the stumps, Herath does extremely well to dig it out. 75/7

The umpires have got the light meters out. The longer the pacers operate, the more will be the frequency of their checking.


On the pads, flicked away towards mid-wicket.


The batsman has attempted to put bat on ball - but fails.


Defended off the back foot by the batsman.

RANGANA HERATH is seen walking out to the middle. Sri Lanka's dressing room looks concerned because of the visibility. However, they are in such a position that even if it would have been noon, they'd have problems.


OUT! Jaffa! Perera's stumps have gone for a roll! Kumar drops it on a length around off, Perera plays down the wrong line. Ends up missing the ball completely which strikes the stumps down. The crowd's noise is deafening. India crawl closer now.


Bowled just outside off, Perera hangs out his bat in defense but misses the ball altogether.


Around off, pushed towards covers. 75/6


Length ball outside off, Shanaka has a feel for it but misses.


Outside off, left alone.


FOUR! Well timed! Fuller around off and middle, Shanaka clips it past mid-wicket. There's nobody in the deep who'll prevent the boundary.


Good shot. Fuller in line of the stumps, Dasun drives it straight down the ground. The fielder from mid on gives it a valiant chase and restricts the batsmen to a couple. Shanaka gets off the pair.


Bowled around off, Shanaka blocks it from the crease.


Landed outside off, watchfully defended. 69/6


The batsman chooses to leave the ball outside his off stump.


Full and outside off, watchfully defended.


Bouncer! The batsman does well to evade it.


Not Out! Perera makes the right use of the review system in place. Kumar is making the ball talk here. Bowls it around off, Perera looks to defend. The ball however misses the bat and hits him on the back leg. Looks pretty adjacent and the umpire feels so too. Perera immediately signals for the review. The Hawk Eye returns that the bounce would have meant that the ball would have gone over the stumps. Strange! Didn't look that the ball bounced that much, to the naked eye.

Perera has been adjudged LBW! He immediately chooses to review that call. Should be a goner unless the bat saves him.

5 slips in place.

DILRUWAN PERERA walks in at no.9 for Sri Lanka.


OUT! LBW! The umpire's call stays! The Indians are pumped up as they have finally seen the back of Dickwella. Kumar comes round the wicket and bowls it on a length around off. Dickwella looks to flick but misses and wears it on the front pad. The Indians put in a celebratory appeal which is agreed by the umpire. Dickwella chooses for the DRS. It shows that the ball would have clipped the top of off stump. The on-field call stays though the Lankans retain their review. Sri Lanka 6 down.

Dickwella is a goner! Rightly though, he chooses to use the DRS. It is for a LBW decision.


Full and outside off, driven straight to mid off. 69/5


On middle and off, worked straight to short mid-wicket.


The batsman defends it from within the crease.


Landed outside off, watchfully defended.

After being struck on his body, the physio rushes on the field. But the batsman signaled that he is alright. This makes the physio pause before eventually running on the field to tend to Dasun. Strange, as teams would want to let time pass by especially when you are on the back foot. The Indians aren't amused by Mr. Llong is having nothing of that.


Ouch! That might have hurt! Shami bangs it short around off, Shanaka sways away from the line but is unable to get the body away in time and cops a blow on his chest on the right side. Looks to be in some pain. He signals towards his dressing room that he is alright even as the physio runs onto the field.

Light starting to fade away.


The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.


Bouncer! The batsman ducks under the bouncer at the last moment. 69/5


Outside off, Dickwella looks to drive but gets hit on the front pad before the ball rolls towards the keeper. The Indians put up a stifled appeal. But it is all futile as the impact is well outside off, which is seen from the naked eye.


Drama and more drama! The third umpire reverses the on-field call. NOT OUT it is and Dickwella stays on. Kumar bowls it on a length just outside off, Dickwella looks to punch that and gets an inside edge. Saha gets low to his right and pouches that and appeals. The umpire goes upstairs, giving the soft signal that the batsman is out. However, replays show that the ball has just landed short. Multiple times it has to be looked to overturn the on-field call. Right decision is made in the end.

The umpires have gone upstairs for a caught behind appeal against Dickwella. The soft signal is OUT!


Punched off the back foot by the batsman.


This ball is hit to the point region.


Outside off, left alone.

Just an over for Jadeja. BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR is brought on from this end.


The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. 69/5


Good ball first up. In line of the stumps, Shanaka gets behind the line and blocks.

DASUN SHANAKA strides out to the centre. Can he handle the pressure along with the conditions out there? He is on a pair.


OUT! Timber! The Eden Garden erupts. Shami is ecstatic and why not! It is a peach of a delivery to end the 47-run stand that came in 53 balls. Shami hurls a fuller delivery around off, it swings in even before pitching and then goes on with the angle. Chandimal looks to flick it away but gets a faint inside edge owing to the movement. Ends up shattering the stumps. If I'm good at reading expressions, the Lankan skipper's look suggests as if his new car has been banged by another from nowhere. Half the Lankan side back in the hut.


The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.


Not Out! Shami bowls it around off, Chandimal gets beaten for pace and the ball passes close to his bat and strikes something before going to the keeper. The Indians appeal but the umpire stays unmoved. India decide to review this. There is no bat involved says the Snicko and LBW is out of question as the impact is well outside off.

What happened there? There was a noise as the ball passes Chandimal but the umpire doesn't think so. Kohli takes a chance and reviews this.


Outside off, left alone by Dinesh.


Around off, hit straight to the cover fielder. 69/4


FOUR! Shot! Nicely played. Jadeja floats it outside off, Dickwella drives it powerfully through covers. The fielder there dives but it is far from him. How good has the outfield been, as it just speeds to the fence.

The floodlights have been switched on. Now, it's a race against time. It always was, now it's even more.


Landed around off, eased through covers for a run.


Chandimal drives it through covers and jogs across for a run. Seeing that the man at sweeper is Ashwin, decides that there is a second run on offer and completes it.


This ball is hit back to the bowler.


Flatter around off, hit towards mid off.

Spin time. RAVINDRA JADEJA comes into the attack to give the pacers some respite.


Dickwella comes forward and blocks it. 62/4


The batsman lets the ball go outside his off stump.


Length ball outside off, left alone by ND.

The war of words is getting too hot to handle right now. Both the umpires have assembled in the middle and have a long chat with both the skippers as well. In the end, Dickwella apologizes to Kohli, who fumingly walks to his position on the field. All this is unnecessary as this time-pass will hurt India more.


Hurls it on a length around off, blocked from the crease.


The drama continues! Shami bowls in a short ball, Dickwella gets squared up in defense. Gets an outside edge that brushes his left shoulder and rolls over to slip. Instead of acknowledging the ball, Niroshan points to the bowler that and indicates bounce. Shami goes very close to the batter to give him an earful.

As Shami runs in to bowl, Dickwella still hasn't taken his stance. This upsets Shami who makes his displeasure felt. Has a word with his skipper as well as the batter... Temperatures rising high at the Eden Gardens!


Shami steams in from round the wicket and bangs in a short ball. Dickwella ducks to let it pass.

DRINKS are on the field now. But by no means is this the final hour. 29 overs are left in the game. This attacking partnership between Dickwella and Chandimal has provided some calmness to the dressing room. They were tottering at 22/4 but now they seem to be a bit relaxed. However, one wicket is good enough to set the cat free amongst the pigeons.


FOUR! Another boundary. Landed outside off, Chandimal comes forward and with deft soft hands, guides it past third slip to the third man fence. The stand moves to 40 from 38 balls. 62/4


The batsman defends it from within the crease.


Full and outside off, Chandimal pushes but misses.


A short ball on middle and off, pulled all along the ground to deep mid-wicket for a single.


Full and outside off, nicely blocked.


Landed around off, watchfully defended.


Full and around off, nicely blocked out. 57/4


The batsman flicks it away with a wristy shot. They pick up a single.


Outside off, left alone.


FOUR! Nicely done. On a length around off, Dickwella waits for the ball to come and then dabs it to third man. This stand is pretty counter-attacking.


Fuller and outside off, watchfully defended.


On middle and off, tucked through the leg side for a single.


Ball hits the batsman low on the pads. The batsmen have run through for a single. Leg bye signalled by the umpire 51/4


The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.


FOUR! Down the leg side, Chandimal gets it fine enough and beats Shami from fine leg.


The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads for a couple of runs.


Another flick, this time a single.


A length ball down the leg side, tucked past what can that be called - a short fine leg? Perhaps. Two runs taken.

Plenty of things happening. In between overs, Ashwin was seen having a word with Dickwella. Then Kohli went to the umpire and sort of made a complaint. Not quite sure what happened. Might be some sledging. Boy... sledging in an Ind-SL game... not quite heard of!


Outside off, a bouncer, Chandimal ducks. 41/4


Full on middle, flicked over square leg for a single.


The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.


Full and outside off, pushed to cover.


SIX! NO BALL! But do you know for what? Dickwella plays an atrocious shot. Gets across his stumps and then scoop-flicks it over square leg! And then the umpire signals a no ball. Well, it is because Dickwella has pointed it out to the square leg umpire, who is standing at point, that there are three men behind square on the leg side! That is called, knowing the rules! There was a backward square leg, a fine leg and a leg gully. Kohli brings one of his fielders in now. Naughty naughty...


A length ball, around off, Niroshan wants to touch and run to cover but is sent back.


SIX! Not in control. A short ball on middle, Dickwella is forced into the pull but his eyes are closed when he plays that shot. The timing takes the ball over backward square leg!

MOHAMMED SHAMI is back on.


FOUR! Controlled. Full and outside off, Chandimal leans and opens the face of the bat. Gets it past third slip and the ball runs down to the fence. 27/4


Full again, around middle, pushed towards cover for a quick single. Jadeja quickly gets to the ball from mid off and then picks it up and throws in one swift motion at the striker's end. Misses. But Chandimal was in.


Better from Umesh, keeps the length fuller than the previous ones and forces Dickwella to defend.


Another one seen off. Landed in Umesh's half, all ND has to do is watch where it pitches. Then he need not even bother to see where it is going.


Another bouncer, higher than the previous one, Niroshan lets it through again.


A bouncer on middle and leg, Dickwella ducks.


Full again, outside off, well kept out. 22/4


A bouncer around off, Chandimal ducks and the ball swerves a long way away to the keeper.


Fuller this time, around off, watchfully pushed away.


Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.


Wide outside off, left alone.


Landed around off, watchfully defended.


Landed outside leg, short in length, Dickwella gets across and shoulders arms. He trusted the length there and the ball went well above the stumps. 22/4

NIROSHAN DICKWELLA walks in at number 6, replacing Mathews as Sri Lanka keep searching for souls who could play for time.


OUT! LBW! Surprise, Surprise! Hard to say how that has been reversed. But Hawk Eye is showing it is plumb. It was a length ball, around off and Mathews was in the air, when he was trying to play the flick shot. One could see the middle and off stumps and to the naked eye, it seemed like it will miss leg stump. Accordingly the umpire shook his head and Kohli asked his keeper before signalling for the review. And lo! Hawk Eye shows it to be hitting leg! Kohli is pumped up while the Indian dressing room is all smiles! 6 wickets needed, 35.2 overs remaining!

HOWZZAT? Is Mathews a goner? India want a review. Height could be the factor.


FOUR! Short and outside off, punched through the covers for a boundary!


A short ball around off, Mathews sways away.


Defended off the back foot by the batsman.


Landed around off, watchfully pushed to the off side.


Good length ball to end the over, Dinesh blocks. 18/3


Defended off the back foot by the batsman.


Full and outside off, driven towards mid off.


Down the leg side, tucked through long leg for a single.

A man comes in now. From short mid-wicket to cover.


Outside off, watchfully pushed away.


Outside off, pushed to the off side.


Full and down the leg side, flicked behind square leg for a single. 17/3


On a good length outside off, Angelo pushes it to the off side again.


Stays back in his crease and blocks it out.


On a length ball outside off, pushed towards cover.


Similar ball, same reaction.


Length ball outside off, pretty wide, Mathews shoulders arms.


Outside off, wide enough to be left alone. 16/3


The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.


Down the leg side now, flicked away through square leg for a couple. Gets off the mark.

Interesting from Rahane. He walks over to Kohli and seems to be suggesting that he (Rahane) could be standing at fourth slip, somewhere closer to the batsman. This was what Joe Root was doing during the Eng-SA and Eng-WI series recently. Standing very close as compared to a conventional slip position.


Full and outside off, Dinesh goes back, then comes forward and blocks.


ANOTHER EDGE! On the bounce this time. Length outside off, Chandimal is drawn forward, has a needless poke and gets an outside edge. Lands short of Rahane at gully.

DINESH CHANDIMAL walks in now, at number 5. Cardiff 2011 looming all over...


OUT! Edged and taken! 7 more needed from 38.5 overs remaining in the day. The length is perfect, between full and good but the line is not the most dangerous. It is well outside off and Thirimanne could have left it alone. But he pokes at it and ends up nicking to third slip where Ajinkya Rahane gulps it with ease.

BHUVNESHWAR KUMAR to bowl from the other end.


Outside off, pushed to deep point for a single. 14/2

Excellent observation from Simon Doull on air. He says that in the first innings, Umesh Yadav was not quite getting his body action. His left knee needs to be coming in line when his right foot lands. But it was coming at an angle. That usually happens when the bowler is aiming for reverse swing with an open chest. But now, with the new ball in his hand, that open-chested action is not there. Mind-blowing...


FOUR! Uppish but in the gap. Full and outside off, Thirimanne leans and drives it through cover-point for a boundary. Even in the first innings, Umesh used to follow a good ball with a loosener.


Outside off, watchfully defended.


A length ball now, AM hops again and works it through square leg for a single.


Cracking delivery. Hits the right spot, bangs it in short, generates extra bounce and Mathews is surprised. Is caught hopping but manages to fend it down to the off side.


On a good length outside off, dabbed to the off side.

The players are out on the field. It will be UMESH YADAV to ANGELO MATHEWS first up...

Welcome back for the final session of this day and match. Thoughts keep on going to that magical day when India beat Australia at the Eden when the game was seemingly poised for a draw. But then, the final session turned the game. What will happen today?


So from waiting to exciting to boring, cricket at Eden Gardens has now got itself on an reindeer to chase an antelope. It is like a race against time to see if India can pick up the remaining 8 wickets and produce a result. They have the aces right now but if Sri Lanka manage to not lose more than one wicket till the end of play, they will be in better shape heading into the second Test. On the other hand, even if they don't lose but end up being 6 or 7 down, moral victory will be India's. Join us back at 1448 LOCAL (0918 GMT) for the final session of play.

India have been brilliant in this mini-session. Not much looseners. They have prized out the openers and will be looking to get through this middle order. There was not much fight shown once Mathews was dismissed in the first innings apart from Herath.

40 overs left in the day. Technically. But don't think we can get beyond 25. Will that be enough to bowl out the Lankans? A torrid little time for them, losing 2 wickets in the 7 overs bowled. They are looking ultra-tentative and perhaps could be better served if they play normal cricket.


Full and outside off, pushed towards a straightish short extra cover. TEA ON DAY 5! 8/2


Full and around off, compactly defended.


Outside off, left alone.


A bouncer now, Thirimanne sways away in time.


Closer to the stumps, watchfully defended.


Full and down the leg side, flicked towards square leg.

The players are rushing around. Umpire Nigel Llong asks his partner how many minutes left. Rahane has a smile looking at Kohli as he quickly gets into position. Yes, we shall have one more over.


That would have taken the leg stump had he missed. Full and outside leg, coming in with the angle, Lahiru gets across but manages to put bat on ball to flick it towards fine leg for a single. 8/2


OUCH! That would have hurt. A short ball on middle, Thirimanne tries to leave the ball alone but the ball hits his arm guard, then brushes his gloves and dies down. He is in pain but continues. Simon Doull on air smartly says that he should have called for the physio even if it wasn't that serious. Time would have been wasted. Today is all about time.


The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.


A length ball around off, Mathews hops to tuck it to square leg but the ball stays low a touch. Manages to pinch a single.

This could be the last over before Tea. Can India get in one more after this? 4 minutes left...


Wider outside off, not played at.


FOUR! Dead silence in the crowd. A nothing ball, down the leg side, fuller in length, Mathews clips it to the fine leg fence.


And a nice compact defense to end the over. 2/2


Full again, nicely played out.


Fuller and closer to the stumps, Thirimanne defends.


Wide outside off stump, the batsman leaves it alone.


Wider outside off, left alone now.


Full and outside off, watchfully defended.


Fuller length outside off, but Mathews stays back and defends. 2/2


Outside off, left alone.


A bouncer to test the new batsman, Mathews sways away.

ANGELO MATHEWS walks in now at number 4. Still 18 minutes to Tea.


OUT! Another one is played on! India have two, need 8 more in 43.3 overs, if light permits! Mirror image of Samarawickrama's dismissal. Landed outside off, Karunaratne shuffles across and looks to push away from the body. Mirrors don't lie. That is a bad shot and you need to pay for it. Off goes Karunaratne. Eden erupts.


Goes right back in his crease and blocks.


Outside off, left alone.


Outside off, watchfully defended. 2/1

Nervous Sri Lankan fan! Yup, this is about my colleague Predicto Praky, who is already biting his nails. Today is his off and he should be holidaying at home but instead he reminds me of a scorecard in 2011 at Cardiff. England declared then, just like India did today. The Lankans were 33/2 in 12 overs at Tea and then got bowled out for 82 in the next 12.4! Now, now, Predicto, don't worry... perhaps light might save the Lankans...


Another play and a miss! LT is having nervy moments.


The batsman was beaten and missed the line of the delivery.


Outside off, Lahiru feels for it but misses.


Oohhh... did he want to leave that alone? On a length around middle, Thirimanne initially waits for the ball to come, thinks of shouldering arms but at the last moment, dabs it to gully.


Full and outside off, left alone.

Some help needed. Repair work being done on the footmarks near the bowler's landing areas. To be put plainly, they are hammering the pitch.


Full and outside off, pushed straight to cover. 2/1


Landed outside off, left alone.


Outside off, tapped towards point for a quick single.


Outside off, punched straight to point.


A bouncer now, Thirimanne ducks.


Around off, tucked through mid-wicket for a single.

LAHIRU THIRIMANNE walks in at number 3, replacing Samarawickrama. 46 overs left in the day, light permitting...


OUT! Chopped on! 1 down, 9 to go! Nerves...nerves... that is what these are. Sri Lanka have to see off around one and some sessions, that is why this shot. Landed wide outside off, could have been left alone but Samarawickrama chooses to feel for it and only drags it back onto the stumps. Sri Lanka 1 down and there will be some jitters in that dressing room... 0/1


Close call! On a good length outside off, Samarawickrama looks to flick but misses. The ball goes off his thighs and over the sticks to the keeper. India appeal for a catch, then think about the review for LBW but Bhuvi says no.


The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.


Fuller in length, watchfully defended.


Outside off, left alone.


Landed outside off, Samaraawickrama gets across and defends.