India Vs England LIVE SCORE (test)

India Vs England At MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai, 13 February, 2021

13 February, 2021
Starts 09:30 (IST)
Match Ended

329/10 (95.5 ov)

286/10 (85.5 ov)

2nd Test

134/10 (59.5 ov)

164/10 (54.2 ov)

India beat England by 317 runs

India England
329/10 (95.5 ov) - R/R 3.43 134/10 (59.5 ov) - R/R 2.24
286/10 (85.5 ov) - R/R 3.33 164/10 (54.2 ov) - R/R 3.02

Match Ended

India beat England by 317 runs

This Over
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Stuart Broad not out 5 10 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Ravichandran Ashwin 18 5 53 3
Kuldeep Yadav 6.2 1 25 2
Current Partnership Last Wicket 164/10 (54.2)

38 (38) R/R: 12

Stuart Broad 5(10)
Moeen Ali 33(9)

Moeen Ali 43(18) S.R (238.88)

st Rishabh Pant b Kuldeep Yadav

That's that from Chennai. The series stands level at 1-1 and the action will now move to Ahmedabad for the next lot of two Tests, of which, the first one will be played with a pink ball (D-N Test). It's from 24th February at 1430 local (0900 GMT). Looking forward to your company then. Cheers!

MAN OF THE MATCH IS RAVICHANDRAN ASHWIN! He smiles as the crowd goes bonkers. Starts by saying that this wicket was very different from the one they played on in the first Test. Tells that those balls which were doing much didn't get them the wickets and it was the mind doing things. Adds that it takes a certain amount of pace and guile to pick wickets on these kinds of pitches. Regarding his batting, Ashwin replies that keeping the intent was very important and it was also important to put the pressure on the bowlers. He wanted to express himself and after he connected a few shots he got a hang of the pitch. Shares that he is someone who tries hard when things don't go his way and Vikram Rathore has been very supportive. Feels that his batting was more about hands and it was never too technical. Shares that Ajinkya Rahane told him that he is overthinking about his batting. Mentions that his knock in Sydney set the tone for him and he is really happy that this knock came in Chennai. On his different bowling actions, Ashwin replies that every sort of load gives different results and it depends on how the pitch is behaving. Also says that it's working for him because he has created this awareness for himself.

Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, says that it was a bit strange in the first game to play without the crowd and admits that the things were a bit flat on the first two days but from the second innings of the first Test they picked it up. Mentions that the crowd makes a big difference as you push more as a team and this game was an example of grit and determination. Adds that the Chennai crowd is known to be intelligent and for him, it's important to involve everyone and as their presence motivate them. Calls it a perfect game and is all praise for the application with the bat. Tells that they trusted their defense and scored 600+ runs on a tough pitch. It was a perfect game for them, he adds again. Feels that winning the toss was not important on this pitch as they believed that they can get runs on this wicket. On Rishabh Pant's keeping, Kohli replies that he has worked hard in Australia and when he moves with the gloves, you can see the difference in his reactions. Credits him for working so hard and they want him to keep improving. States that it's a special moment for Axar Patel who would have played the first Test as well had he not got a niggle. Kohli adds that for a left-armer with the pitch offering turn, Axar was all smiles and could not wait to get the ball in his hands. Virat hopes that Patel builds on from here as there are a couple of games ahead. On his own batting, Kohli replies that he has taken a lot of pride in improving quickly and he understands that he needs to be at his best and lauds his stand with Ashwin. Tells that he can bat for four days on this pitch and can trust his defense to do the job. Feels that Ahmedabad is going to be a big challenge and wants to bring their 'A' game throughout against a quality English team.

England skipper, Joe Root, starts by crediting India for outplaying them this week and calls it education for them and they have a lot to learn from this match. Adds that on Day 1, they could have been a bit tighter and with the bat, they needed to be quite smart in building their innings. Wants to learn from how India batted in these conditions. Feels that they could have played an extra spinner but they have to look at the balance of the side and the pitch was dramatically different this time. Mentions that it's going to be an exciting next two games. On Moeen Ali, Root replies that he got better with the ball as the game progressed and they know how destructive he can be with the bat. Also praises Ben Foakes' knock in the first innings and his glovework. Wants to stay level as a team as they have played some good cricket in the recent past and hopes to take the positives forward. Further adds that they have only played two day-night Tests and he is looking forward to the challenge.

With this victory, India have kept their chances of qualification to the ICC World Test Championship final alive. They now need to win at least one of the two remaining Tests and stop England from winning any. Australia will keep a close eye on the results, as if the series ends 1-1 or 2-2 or 1-2 (ENG), it will benefit them.

Kuldeep Yadav's turn to have a few words! He says that it's important to support the team when everything is going well. Adds that there was a plan and they executed it well. Tells that he was speaking a lot with Ashwin and it was tough for him playing after two years. Shares that it felt like a debut game and there were nerves. Mentions that having Ashwin helped both the spinners. Says that they have been in this situation before, losing the first Test, and they are used to it. Kuldeep is happy with the performance and wants to carry it forward.

Axar Patel is up for a chat! Says that it was a terrific debut for him and it was a good experience. He is happy to deliver what his team needed. Shares that the pitch supported the spinners and his plan was to bowl at the right speed. He was looking to bowl in the line of the stumps and focused on his line and length. Mentions that the pitch behaved the same from Day 1 and doesn't feel that winning the toss was too big a factor.

To think about England's performance in this match, they started strongly but then Rohit's knock punctured their momentum. On a spinning deck, they got exposed by Ravichandran Ashwin and the hero of the first Test match, Joe Root also flopped. As already mentioned, after conceding such a massive lead only a miracle would have saved them. They tried hard with the ball but once again Ashwin stood tall in front of them, this time with the bat in his hands. Stay tuned for the interviews...

Take 2! Time for India to bat again and they had the psychological advantage after a big cushion of runs behind them. The pitch was tricky for them but their approach was positive with not much pressure. Day 3 was very enthralling. England tried their best to make a comeback by forcing an early collapse in the morning. Still, the lead they conceded to haunt them and then the pair of Kohli and Ashwin piled on their agony. They stitched a partnership to stretch the lead close to 400 and after that, it was a moment of absolute thrill and excitement when the local lad, Ravichandran Ashwin stroked a delightful century. His performance with both the bat and the ball made many experts, who termed the pitch poor, eat their own words.

Before this Test match, the restless Indian fans were calling for the heads of two players - Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane. And these two individuals played a massive role in the revival of the Indian fortunes in the first innings. If you switch your attention to Day 1, India were in tatters after losing three quick top order wickets but then the Mumbai pair of Rohit and Ajinkya bailed them out with a fantastic partnership. The former played one of the best Test knocks of his career while the latter showed that he's still the go-to man for them in crisis. A total of 329 runs in the first innings on a pitch assisting the spinners was a great recovery and then the Indian bowling spearheaded by Ravichandran Ashwin helped the hosts in gaining a hefty 195-run stand.

Toss was a big topic of discussion in the first Test match. Many thought that it aided England and they got the best conditions to bat. Having said that, Kohli himself admitted that they lacked the desired intensity and there was a lot left to be desired in their batting. Everything was suitably addressed in this match and winning the toss was a cherry on the cake for Virat Kohli and company.

A massive all-round performance from Ravichandran Ashwin in front of his home crowd. He stood up with the ball and then showed his utility with the bat as well. A few criticized the pitch but Ashwin defended his home strip by showing how it's done with both the bat and the ball. Fabulous effort from a genius cricketer.

No fight shown by England! Of course, the conditions were tough for batting but the touring team didn't show much application and their shot selection was also not entirely up to the mark. Joe Root did well to hang in at one end but it was more like 'entry and exit' at the other end. The Indian spinners left a big impact and Axar Patel with a fifer in this innings was the most successful one. What a Test debut for him!

Comeback complete! England have been humbled by India to avenge their embarrassing defeat in the first Test. We all expected a backlash from the home team and that's exactly what we got in Chennai 2.0. Smiles everywhere in the Indian camp and the players are shaking hands. This is their fifth biggest Test win in terms of runs!


OUT! Moeen is stumped! End of his entertaining knock and INDIA WIN BY 317 RUNS! Kuldeep shows the heart to flight yet another delivery and lands it wide outside off, Moeen is down the track for another big shot but this time the ball spins past his bat and Rishabh Pant does the rest. 164/10


FOUR! Cracking shot! Flighted and full around off, Moeen makes room, dances down the track and drills his drive to the cover fence.


Muted appeal for a bat-pad! Not given! Broad tries to flick but misses. It goes off his pads to silly point. 160/9


Flighted and on middle, Broad defends it off the inside half. It lobs in the air but falls safely as there is no short leg present.


Goes down on one knee and sweeps it to deep mid-wicket for a run.


SIX! Moeen is playing an entertaining knock! He is showing that if you opt for the attacking intent, you can bat on any pitches in the world. Goes down and smokes a full ball over mid-wicket for a biggie.


FOUR! Up and over! Flighted and on off, Moeen shimmies down the track and powers it over mid off. Siraj runs back to attempt for the catch but it falls away from him and finds the fence.


Floated full and on middle, Moeen defends it back.

Ravichandran Ashwin is back on.


Quicker through the air, full and on off, Broad defends it off the inner half to square leg. There is a run on offer but Moeen denies it. 149/9


Too full in length on off, Broad pushes it firmly to short cover.