Hong Kong Vs Jersey Live Score (T20)

Date: Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 21:00 IST Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi Match Status: Match Ended

Hong Kong beat Jersey by 8 runs

Hong Kong 144/7 (20.0 ov) R/R 7.2

Jersey 136/6 (20.0 ov) R/R 6.8

Match Ended

  • Corey Bisson 8,
  • Dominic Blampied 5
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Corey Bisson not out 30 20 1 1
Dominic Blampied not out 5 5 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Kyle Christie 4 0 37 0
Kinchit Shah 4 0 31 2

Current Partnership

14 ( 2.0 ) R/R:7

Corey Bisson 8(7)

Dominic Blampied 5(5)

Last Wicket 122/6 (18 over)

Nick Greenwood 18 (24) S.R (75.00)

c Nizakat Khan b Waqas Barkat

  • Right! Hong Kong stay alive to fight another day. They have to do a lot of hard work though. Jersey can consider this as a blip in their path and aim to learn from this. Friday sees more matches coming your way but the one which has commentary will be the Bermuda-Scotland match at 7.30 pm local (1530 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • Victorious Hong Kong captain, Aizaz Khan, says that they needed this win and are happy with it. Further says that their game plan was to go after the ball in the Powerplay but they lost a few quick wickets in the middle overs. Also points out that the total was a pretty good one and they were happy with that. Feels that his bowlers did well. On being asked about the coach finally being happy, Khan says that it is great to win the important game. Now HD Ackermann asks the skipper what is more important - just winning or winning with net run rate. To this, Aizaz says that they will be focussing on the net run-rate in the coming matches but wants to take it one game at a time.
  • Jersey skipper, Charles Perchard, believes that both sides were in with a chance almost throughout the game. Adds that they tried putting pressure by bowling well but McKechnie along with Barkat batted well. On the opposition bowling, Perchard says that they bowled well as the ball was skidding off the surface. Charles says that they have two big games against Ireland and Oman and are looking forward to it.
  • SCOTT MCKECHNIE HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. On the middle order collapse, McKechnie says that it was a nice opportunity for the lower-order batters and adds that they are happy to get that partnership low down the order. On the surface, Scott says that it was great to win the toss. Points that the spinners came into the game in the second innings. McKechnie mentions that they wanted to do well in the Powerplay and are happy to be able to do that in this game.
  • Now, let us rewind ourselves to the first ball of the match. Nizakat Khan giving a simple catch to Jonty Jenner at long on off Harrison Carylon. Dropped. Goes on to score 48. Then, HK lose their way from 48/0 to 81/6. But a 61-run stand in 50 balls for the 7th wicket between Barkat and McKechnie takes them close to 150. Crucial moments missed by Jersey. Hong Kong almost let it slip with their fielding, but just about held their nerves. Here comes the presentation...
  • All was not over though. Bisson and Greenwood raised hopes of a fightback with a 36-run stand for the 6th wicket but the latter's dismissal nipped that in the bud. Hong Kong were excellent with the ball, keeping it in the right areas and Ehsan Khan was the man keeping things tight. He, along with Aizaz and Barkat really made things difficult, with combined figures of 11-0-56-4.
  • Let us start from the second innings. Hong Kong nipped 2 out early but then a 58-run stand for the third wicket between Stevens and Jenner brought Jersey back into the game. But then, Jenner's wicket to Aizaz changed the complexion of the game and Jersey started to fall behind the 8-ball.
  • Relief for Hong Kong. They stay alive in the tournament. A topsy-turvy game for them with both bat and ball but in the end, they have managed to win. Jersey look upset and should be.
  • 19.6 Yes, game over! Length ball on middle, Blampied sweeps it behind square leg but can only get a single. There is some miscommunication in the middle and the batsmen initially go for the second but then change their mind. HONG KONG are not too perturbed because they WIN BY 8 RUNS.
  • 19.5 Short ball around middle and leg, Bisson looks to pull but gets a top edge. The ball lobs high in the air but drops in no man's land. A single only. Game over for Jersey then.
  • 19.4 Run out chance missed? A length ball on middle and leg, Blampied looks to heave it on the leg side but can't get any bat on ball. They look to take the bye, the keeper attempts an underarm throw at the striker's end but misses.
  • 19.3 Full outside off, driven towards mid off for a single.
  • 19.2 Bouncer! And a legal one too. Khan lands it short around off and middle, Bisson looks to pull but misses.
  • 19.1 Starts with a short ball outside off, Bisson goes back and hammers it behind square for a couple of runs. A better throw from deep square leg and maybe a better glovework from the keeper could've made things interesting.
  • Skipper Aizaz Khan to bowl the final over. 14 to defend.

Hong Kong Vs Jersey Live Score (T20) Quick Scorecard

Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 5046 120
2 New Zealand 2829 109
3 England 4366 104
4 South Africa 3177 102
5 Australia 3672 102
6 Sri Lanka 3795 95
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 6745 125
2 India 7071 122
3 New Zealand 4837 112
4 Australia 5543 111
5 South Africa 5193 110
6 Pakistan 5019 98
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 8366 270
2 Australia 6986 269
3 England 5568 265
4 South Africa 4720 262
5 India 9349 260
6 New Zealand 6056 252