England Vs West Indies LIVE SCORE (test)

England Vs West Indies At The Rose Bowl, Southampton, 08 July, 2020

08 July, 2020
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

204/10 (67.3 ov)

313/10 (111.2 ov)

1st Test

318/10 (102.0 ov)

200/6 (64.2 ov)

West Indies beat England by 4 wickets

England West Indies
204/10 (67.3 ov) - R/R 3.02 318/10 (102.0 ov) - R/R 3.11
313/10 (111.2 ov) - R/R 2.81 200/6 (64.2 ov) - R/R 3.10

Match Ended

West Indies beat England by 4 wickets

This Over
Batting Status R B 4s 6s
John Campbell not out 8 26 1 0
Jason Holder (C) not out 14 36 1 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Mark Wood 12 0 36 1
Ben Stokes 10.2 1 39 2
Current Partnership Last Wicket 189/6 (60.4)

11 (11) R/R: 3

Jermaine Blackwood 95(154) S.R (61.68)

c James Anderson b Ben Stokes

So, post-Pandemic era has begun in an exhilarating manner with West Indies taking the lead in this 3-match series. They will be proud of their performance and will go into the second match with confidence. England, on the other hand, need some inspiration from somewhere. They were disappointing throughout and did not want to start the home season in such a manner. Now the teams move to Manchester for the second and third Tests. Join us for the second Test on 16th July at 1100 Local (1000 GMT) for another bout of Test match cricket. Until then, stay safe and take care.

For his fantastic bowling performance, Shannon Gabriel is named the Man of the Match. Gabriel says that he never had any doubt about his fitness as he knew he would play if he proved his fitness. On his body, he says it is still a bit stiff but has a couple of days to recover before the next Test. On the pace attack, he says that it depends on the work load and says the guys are pretty fit and are willing to play all the games. Tells before coming here, the guys were confident after playing them in the Caribbean and they believed themselves.

West Indies skipper, Jason Holder says that it is one of the best victories they have had as a group. Credits everyone as this has been a long tour and everyone has put in the efforts. Says it has been a long layoff and says they had a lot of time to prepare but the mental side of the game was a challenge. On the bowlers, Jason says that it is just the will power as they knew what was at stake. Says getting wickets was important as they knew if they got it, they had a chance to win this game. On Jermaine Blackwood, he says it was an outstanding innings and he was disappointed to see him get out. Tells that the last time he came in as a concussion substitute, he put in the effort and says he always shows a fight and tells today was his big moment.

Ben Stokes, the England skipper, says that that they are more used to playing in front of huge crowds and they are happy that they have gotten back to cricket. Says that they are looking forward to playing in Manchester. Adds that this was a hard fought Test match and says that they did not have enough runs on the board. Stokes says that they have to believe that 200 is enough but if they do not believe that, they are already losing. Further says that they got themselves into some strong positions but did not make full use of it. Goes on to say that they need to learn to add more runs in the first innings. Adds that they are fortunate to leave someone like Broad and states that Broad is a very passionate cricketer. States that pressure shows itself in different ways and they will take positives and learnings from this game. Adds that it will be interesting to see how everyone pulls up for the next Test. Further says that he enjoyed captaincy but it is Root's team and he will be happy to give the captaincy back to him.

Stay tuned for the Presentation ceremony!

Many questioned Stokes at the time of the toss as he chose to bat first in overcast conditions and that move backfired as they were bowled out for just 204 courtesy some exceptional bowling from Holder and Gabriel. The former took a 6-fer while Gabriel finished with 4. West Indies were good with the bat with Brathwaite, Dowrich and Chase scoring valuable runs to get a lead of 114. Stokes was the pick of the bowlers with a 4-fer while Anderson was good. That did not look enough, as at one stage, England were cruising when Stokes and Crawley were batting but Gabriel's 5-fer pulled things back. With 200 required, Blackwood became a thorn in the flesh as the visitors won the game with 4 wickets in hand.

England, on the other hand, would not be happy with their performance. Jofra Archer bowled brilliantly throughout this morning but after he gave momentum to the home side, the other bowlers faltered in the afternoon. West Indies scored runs with ease and also got plenty of reprieves. Anderson was good as well but failed to provide the required breakthrough. Stokes bowled exceptionally towards the end but it was a little too late. England need to pull their socks up for the second Test if they want to make a comeback. They have a lot of thinking to do with the make-up of the side. The biggest one being who will go out when Joe Root comes back? Or will Stuart Broad return in the second Test?

What a way to resume international cricket! An interesting match was expected and that is what we got after a long hiatus. Brilliant from the West Indies as they have done it. They have taken a 1-0 lead in this 3-match series with an all-round performance. They were terrific with the ball and were good with the bat as well. Talking about this innings, they were down and out chasing 200 as they lost 3 wickets in no time but Blackwood stood tall and along with Chase and Dowrich, helped his side cross the target with ease. Jermaine scored runs at a brisk pace and was stupendous before he was dismissed for 95. The credit has to go to Chase and Dowrich as well for sticking around and not throwing their wickets away.


That is it! West Indies win the game by 4 wickets and they have started the series in an emphatic fashion. Big win for Jason Holder and West Indies. Fantastic performance from the tourists. Stokes bowls on the pads, Campbell flicks it in front of square leg and takes a single to TAKE A 1-0 LEAD IN THE SERIES.


FOUR! Just a run away now. The scores are level. Short and wide outside off, Campbell is quick to pounce onto it and cuts it through backward point for a boundary.


Good length ball on off which comes in with the angle, Holder tucks it towards mid-wicket and looks for a single but Campbell is quick to refuse his skipper. Good call. 195/6


Back of a length delivery outside off, Holder sways away from it.


Full on off, Campbell hits it straight, Wood is unable to hold onto it. Campbell calls for a quick single, Holder is a bit late to respond but his long strides ensures he is back in without any fuss.


Good length ball outside off, Campbell punches it sweetly but straight to the man at point.

Mandatory concussion test! Campbell has got hit on the helmet and the physio is coming out to have a check on him. Just 6 more required.


Ouch! That is a nasty blow. Wood bangs it in short and the ball comes in with the angle at a ferocious pace. Campbell looks to sway away but is too late. He manages to get his hand off but gets hit on the grill.


Outside off, Campbell won't disturb that.


Length delivery on off, Holder is happy to defend it towards cover. 194/6


Now a single. Fuller on off, Campbell pushes it to the right of mid off and takes a single. West Indies just a maximum away now.


Good length delivery outside off, Campbell is in no hurry and is happy to watch it carry to the keeper.


Again on the pads, Holder turns it towards fine leg and gets to the other end.


On the pads, Holder flicks it wide of mid-wicket and gets a couple. Just 8 needed now for victory.


Stokes bowls full around off, Holder pushes it to mid off.


Wood dishes out a good length ball on middle, Campbell defends it to mid-wicket. Just a single from the over. 190/6


Length ball outside off, Campbell leaves it alone.