England Vs Pakistan LIVE SCORE (test)

England Vs Pakistan At Old Trafford, Manchester, 05 August, 2020

05 August, 2020
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

326/10 (109.3 ov)

169/10 (46.4 ov)

1st Test

219/10 (70.3 ov)

277/7 (82.1 ov)

England beat Pakistan by 3 wickets

Pakistan England
326/10 (109.3 ov) - R/R 2.97 219/10 (70.3 ov) - R/R 3.10
169/10 (46.4 ov) - R/R 3.62 277/7 (82.1 ov) - R/R 3.37

Match Ended

England beat Pakistan by 3 wickets

This Over
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Chris Woakes not out 84 120 10 0
Dom Bess not out 0 4 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Shaheen Afridi 15.1 1 61 1
Current Partnership Last Wicket 273/7 (81.2)

4 (4) R/R: 4.8

Dom Bess 0(4)

Stuart Broad 7(9) S.R (77.77)

lbw b Yasir Shah

That's all from this game! England have come back from behind and won their first game of a three-match series after a long time. They have also received 40 points in the ICC World Test Championship. Pakistan, on the other hand, will need to recover from this loss quickly and perform better in crunch situations. The next Test begins on 13th August, 2020 at 1100 Local (1000 GMT) in Southampton. Until then, cheers and take care.

Chris Woakes, the MAN OF THE MATCH, says playing positive was the way to go especially after Pope fell and he talked to Buttler about it. Adds that the idea to take it to Pakistan worked and seeing Jos Buttler bat like that was good. Says that it was a great partnership and Jos is one of the best white-ball players in the world and he showed that he can play well in Tests too. Goes onto say that he has been working hard in the nets and tried to get into form. States that he focussed on the ball and luckily, it worked. Is pleased to take the wickets of the big chaps in the Pakistan team as they can do a lot of damage.

Joe Root, the England skipper, says that it was a fantastic Test match and brilliant cricket was played for all the four days. Adds that Woakes and Buttler were pretty clever with how they played. States that it took something special but they believed that anything can happen and they never gave up. Says that Buttler did really well and he managed the risks well and how he played the spinners was fantastic to see. Adds that they need to back up their performance but realizes that they need to improve on certain aspects of the game.

Azhar Ali, the Pakistan skipper, says that it was a wonderful Test but is disappointed to be on the wrong end of it. Credits Woakes and Buttler for playing really well and they changed the momentum of the game. Adds that when someone plays like that, it is difficult to set fields. States that this innings from Woakes and Buttler was not far from how Stokes played against Australia last year. Goes on to say that they would have enjoyed more with the crowds. Says that it was a surprise that the ball did not reverse later on. States that they had the opportunity to bat England out of the game but suddenly they lost wickets and it is unfortunate not to get more runs on the board. Ends by saying that they should have defended this total.

Stay tuned for the Presentation ceremony as we find out who the Man of the Match is.

277 though still seemed a little out of reach for England on this wicket. The feeling was proving to be correct when they were five down for 117. One partnership though, one brilliant stand, two excellent individually brilliant knocks has taken them over the line. The visitors' bowlers were excellent till the Buttler-Woakes stand. The younger ones, the ones who lacked experience, probably crumbled under pressure and had no answers to the counterattack from the two. Yasir Shah, the experienced campaigner, once again impressed with a four-fer but he lacked support when needed. In the end, this could well be termed as a demoralizing loss.

For Pakistan, this is going to be a difficult loss to take. They would have felt in control of this Test right from the first day when Masood�s marathon innings took them to a competitive total. Then, Yasir�s four-fer saw them bundle out England for 107 runs less than what they scored in their first innings. England did fight back with the ball as a combined effort saw them bowl Pakistan out for 169.

What a turnaround we have witnessed! If any of you�ll thought that England would win when they lost their 5th wicket, you should probably go buy yourself a lottery ticket because we never felt so. It was a tremendous effort from Buttler and Woakes. Take a bow the two of you. A 139-run stand between the two and that too in quick time has single-handledly taken the hosts over the line. This session was all about the two. Yes, Buttler was dismissed towards the end but Woakes with the lower order ensured that the hosts get over the line.


EDGY FOUR! That's the end of this game! What a wonderful chase from England! They were down and out in this game but Woakes and Buttler have done it. They have won it for England. Good length ball on middle, Woakes looks to flick but it takes the leading edge and goes through the slip cordon and into the third man fence. ENGLAND WIN BY THREE WICKETS.


Full outside off, Bess pushes it to cover. 273/7


Flatter one on off, Bess is in two minds whether to defend it or leave. The ball takes the edge and rolls to the slip cordon.


Quicker one on middle and leg, Bess looks to flick but misses and gets rapped on the pads. There is an appeal for LBW but nothing from the umpire. The replays show that he had hit it with the bat first.


Flatter on middle, Bess defends it out.

Dom Bess is the next man in with 4 runs to win.


OUT! LBW! Is it too late for Pakistan? Yasir has picked up the wicket with the new ball! Fourth wicket for him. Floated on middle, Broad looks to sweep but misses and gets hit on the pads. Pakistan appeal and the umpire raises his finger. Broad does not review and simply walks back. Root watches from the dressing room nervously. The Ball Tracker rolls in and it shows that it was plumb in front.


Short ball outside off, Woakes cuts it to deep point for a single. England are just a wicket away.


Just the 5 needed now! A short ball on middle, Woakes pulls it through square leg and a run is taken. 272/6


FOUR! Lovely! Probably the shot which seals the deal for England. 6 more needed. Fuller and on middle, this is creamed through mid off and it races away to the fence.


10 more needed now! A couple. Catch it was the call but it is away from the fielder. Full and outside off, it is driven wide of the fielder at deep point and two is taken.


NO BALL! Outside off, it is left alone. The third umpire conveys the message that Shaheen has overstepped. 12 more needed.


Inside edge! Needless stroke there! It is full and outside off, the sucker ball. Woakes goes after it wide from the body. He gets an inside edge onto the pads.


No swing on this delivery! It is on a length and around off, Woakes keeps it out easily.


Some swing straightaway with the second new ball! The line though is down the leg side. Woakes looks to flick but misses.


Full toss on middle, Woakes flicks it to deep square leg for a single. 264/6


BEATEN! Another beautiful delivery! Tossed up ball outside off, Woakes attempts to defend but fails to get any bat on it.