England Vs Ireland LIVE SCORE (odi)

England Vs Ireland At The Rose Bowl, Southampton, 04 August, 2020

04 August, 2020
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

328/10 (49.5 ov)

3rd ODI

329/3 (49.5 ov)

Ireland beat England by 7 wickets

England Ireland
328/10 (49.5 ov) - R/R 6.58 329/3 (49.5 ov) - R/R 6.60

Match Ended

Ireland beat England by 7 wickets

This Over
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Harry Tector not out 29 26 3 0
Kevin O'Brien not out 21 15 1 1
Bowling 0 M R W
David Willey 10 1 70 1
Saqib Mahmood 9.5 0 58 0
Current Partnership Last Wicket 279/3 (44.3)

50 (50) R/R: 8.82

Harry Tector 24(19)
Kevin O'Brien 21(15)

Andy Balbirnie (C) 113(112) S.R (100.89)

c Sam Billings b Adil Rashid

That's all from this series! Ireland win the last match and they go home with 10 points in the ICC World Cup Super League. England though have won the series 2-1. This series has ended but cricket is back again on 5th August, 2020 when England take on Pakistan in the first Test. Join us at 1100 Local (1000 GMT). Until then, cheers and take care.

Eoin Morgan, the England skipper, says that it is a disappointing way to end the series but credits Ireland for the way they played. He feels that they were quite average today and could not capitalize on the crunch moments. He reckons the wicket got a little better as the game progressed and Ireland cashed in on that. He thanks Ireland for coming to England and play the game. He feels 329 was defendable. Says that Stirling and Balbirnie were good but England failed to take the opportunities that came their way. Adds that they are learning more and more, especially the players who are getting an opportunity. Says that Moeen Ali did a good job, he used all his experience and he did everything he could do but they did not grab the opportunities which came their way. Ends by saying he is grateful to be playing cricket again and he hopes this is just the start.

Andy Balbirnie, the Ireland skipper, says that he is delighted with how they finished the series. Adds that chasing down a total like that is very pleasing. States that they absolutely believed that they can chase this down. Goes on to say that they played very well and they created a big partnership. Adds that they need to be competitive in all the games they play. Is grateful to the England board for conducting this series. Adds that it has been great to come to England and play against them.

David Willey, the MAN OF THE SERIES, says it is nice to get a go and be back and he is pleased with how things went. He wishes that he is not needed to do the job with the bat but he is happy with how he performed. Further adds that he is pleased to get a chance, he was not sure he would get a game after the World Cup but he is happy that he is playing. Ends by saying that he might need a week now to prepare for County cricket.

Paul Stirling, the MAN OF THE MATCH, says that yes it was nice to get the win after two losses and he is delighted to get the win. Adds that they knew they could chase down 300 as they have done it before. States that they had not played cricket for long and it was expected that they would be nervous. Says that he loves batting with Balbirnie and they bat well together. Goes on to say that this is one of his best knocks.

Stay tuned for the Presentation ceremony!!!

The English bowling looked flat today! The spinners, the pacers, nobody seemed at their best. To add to that, their fielding was also poor and it is that department which probably cost them the game. A few catches in total were dropped out of which some were of Stirling who one can say was the mainstay for the visitors.

Now why we write easily is because, they were always in control of the game! The start has been a problem for them and in this game, the openers got them off to a brisk start. However, after Delany fell, came the partnership which took the game away from the hosts. The stand between Stirling and Balbirnie. The two added a massive 214 with both scoring tons. It seemed like they would cruise to victory but there was some drama when Stirling and Balbirnie fell in quick succession. Harry Tector and Kevin O'Brien though ensured the good work from the two mentioned above did not go in vain and they beat England for the second time in their cricket history.

Jubilation scenes in the Ireland camp! What a humongous effort from them! Take a bow Stirling, take a bow Balbirnie, take a bow the whole Ireland side. Not many, to be honest none of us gave them a chance when they came out to bat. 329 was always going to be a stiff chase especially for a side who has been batting poorly in the last two games but they have done it quite easily.


There it is! A night to remember for Ireland! Short ball on middle, Kevin O'Brien pulls it to deep square leg for a single. Absolute brilliant performance from Ireland. They have beaten England for the first time since the 2011 World Cup. IRELAND WIN BY 7 WICKETS.


MISSES! One from Two! Short ball outside off, O'Brien looks to cut but misses.


Two runs off the Free Hit! Only a run needed in 3 balls! Full ball on middle, O'Brien whips it towards deep mid-wicket for a couple.


NO BALL! No, no, Saqib Mahmood, you cannot bowl that in the final over when you are defending 8. Poor stuff! A full toss on middle, Tector lifts it towards deep mid-wicket. A single.


Only a single! A low full toss on the pads, O'Brien gets cramped for room and he can only flick it to deep square leg for a single.


A couple to start! Full delivery outside off, Kevin hammers it through extra cover and picks up a couple before the fielder cuts it off.

Saqib Mahmood will bowl the final over. Can he hold his nerve and win the game for his side?


Slower delivery outside off, O'Brien drives it to deep cover for a single. 8 runs needed. 321/3


Fantastic piece of fielding! Short ball outside off, Tector cuts but the fielder dives and stops it. Only a single.


FOUR! Perfect placement and timing. Curran has his hands on his head! Full delivery outside off, Tector drives it through the point region for a boundary.


Livingstone does a good job! Short ball on middle, Tector pulls it to deep mid-wicket. Liam runs across and dives to make a terrific stop. The umpires check whether it is a clean save and it is. Two runs.


Short ball outside off, Tector attempts to play the upper cut but fails to make any connection with it.


Full delivery on middle, Kevin punches it to long on for a single.


Full ball outside off, O'Brien drives it to deep cover and keeps the strike for the next over. 17 required from 2 overs. 312/3


WIDE! Very full delivery outside off, O'Brien looks to smash it but fails. Wided.


MISSED OUT THERE! This was in the slot! Full ball outside off, O'Brien looks to heave it away but misses. O'Brien is disappointed with that.