Chennai Super Kings Vs Rajasthan Royals LIVE SCORE (t20)

Chennai Super Kings Vs Rajasthan Royals At Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, 19 April, 2021

19 April, 2021
Starts (IST)
Match Ended

188/9 (20.0 ov)

Match 12

143/9 (20.0 ov)

Chennai Super Kings beat Rajasthan Royals by 45 runs










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Dwayne Bravo not out 20 8 2 1
Deepak Chahar not out 0 0 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Jaydev Unadkat 4 0 40 0
Chetan Sakariya 4 0 36 3










Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Chetan Sakariya not out 0 0 0 0
Mustafizur Rahman not out 0 4 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Deepak Chahar 3 0 32 0
Sam Curran 4 0 24 2

That is it from this game! Chennai have thumped Rajasthan to make it two wins on the bounce. Samson's Rajasthan will look to bounce back stronger from this loss in their next game. The action continues on Tuesday, 20th January as it is the repeat of last season's final. Delhi will look to avenge for that loss as they take on defending champions Mumbai. That game will begin at 1930 IST (1400 GMT). Make sure you join us for it. Till then, goodbye!

Sam Curran says that they started off badly  but says they have assesed the conditions well. Tells that the way they played with their long bayting line up was great. Curran says that the wicket has been slower which has helped them. Curran says that when trying to defend a batsman will always come at you and one needs to be sensible with their lines. Credits Jadeja's fielding. Curran says that with such a long batting line up it gives them freedom.

Man of the Match, Moeen Ali, says the number 3 for England is the number player in the world, here he has a role at number 3 to come out and hit it big. States he does not try and over hit the ball, it was a nice wicket to bat on and he enjoyed it. Adds he enjoyed batting and bowling and it was a fantastic time for him to bowl as there were two left-ganders out there. States he knew he would get the ball once the left-ganders were out there. Adds that the drier ball helped abs it was a good wicket for the spinners.

Chennai skipper, MS Dhoni, says he always looks at what is best to do at that time and Curran and Chahar knew what to do then. States Curran bowled well but Deepak did not read the pitch really well but both bowled well and they did not let the opposition get off to a flier. Adds the wet ball was also spinning, he wanted Jadeja to bowl up and the chances of a drier ball turning was more. States it always helps to have a 6th bowler, it was stopping a little abs there was less dew. Mentions it is about adapting to the conditions, if they’re pacers get some turn then their spinners will also get some. Ends by saying he doesn’t want anyone to tell him he’s unfit when he’s playing and he has to keep up with the younger guys.

Rajasthan skipper, Sanju Samson, says that he thought it was a good score to chase but feels they lost too many wickets in the middle. Samson says that the bowlers bowled well and Chennai bat deep. Feels they might have given 10-15 runs. Samson says they never expected spin to play such a part. Adds he was shocked to see the ball spin. Samson says that it is important to maintain composure as this comeptition demands to score runs. Tells he keeps working on his basics and give himself time in the middle. Tells Sakariya has been doing well and adds there are lots of positives.

It was a complete performance by Chennai though. Contribution from almost all their batters saw them get close to 190 on a wicket which seemed a little tacky. In reply, Buttler was the only batter for Rajasthan who showed some fight but the spin-twins did the job for Dhoni.

The spinners did the trick for Chennai, yes Curran got two at the top but it was Jadeja and Moeen who wrecked havoc. They finished with 5 in total and their overs killed the game completely.

They did lose Samson and Vohra in the Powerplay but Buttler and Dube kept them in the chase. They needed a little over 100 heading into the last 10 but that is where the game changed. Actually change of balls changed the game. After a six was hit, the ball was changed and the drier ball just started to grip a lot more and that was the undoing of Buttler. Once he fell, the procession started and in no time, it became an impossible chase for them.

So finally a total is defended by a team at the Wankhede! It did seem a tacky wicket but the Rajasthan innings just fell apart.


Short ball to end the game. A resounding win for Chennai. Mustafizur ducks under this to wrap up the game! CHENNAI WIN BY 45 RUNS! 143/9


Length ball on middle, Mustafizur defends it with a straight bat.


Bouncer! It is on middle, Musatfizur swings but connects with nothing.


Good length ball on middle and leg. Mustafizur looks to defend but misses and gets hit high on the thigh pad.

Mustafizur Rahman is the last man in.


OUT! CAUGHT! The magnet man, Jadeja takes another catch! Full and wide outside off, Unadkat hits it over cover but Jadeja, the ball magnet is there and he takes another catch. He tops it up with a nice ''call me'' celebration!


WIDE! Once again Thakur misses his line and bowls it too wide outside off. Unadkat swings but misses.


WIDE! This time Thakur goes too wide outside off. Unadkat swings but misses. It is on the wrong side of the tramline.


EDGED ADN FOUR! Wide and full outside off, Unadkat swings, gets a an edge which sees the ball flies over short third man for a boundary.

Chetan Sakariya walks out to bat. Shardul Thakur to bowl the final over.


OUT! CAUGHT! Bravo gets his first wicket of the game and he will be happy to win the battle against Tewatia. Tewatia's party comes to an end. Fullish ball wide outside off, Tewatia hits it uppihsly straight to Gaikwad at mid off. No mistake from the youngster as he takes a simple catch. 137/8


Full outside off, Tewatia looks to sweep but it hits the bottom edge of his bat and comes back to Bravo.


SIX! BOOM! No chance for Gowtham this time! Outside off, Tewatia slogs it over mid-wikcet for a biggie.


TAKEN BUT GOES OVER THE ROPES! SIX! Full toss outside off, Tewatia hits it across the line. He does not time it well though. Substitute, Gowtham takes the catch but cannot keep his foot inside the line. He fails to pop it back inside as well.


Full and wide outside off. Tewaita hits it over extra cover, away from long off for a couple.


Slower ball. Very slow on middle. Unadkat can just place it to the off side for one.


Single to end the over. Full on off, Unadkat knocks it to long on and keeps the strike.  Expensive end but a great evening for Sam Curran. He finishes with 2/24. 122/7


FOUR! Easy pickings! Slower one on the pads, Unadkat whips it through square leg for a boundary.


Once again the ball finds Jadeja. Looks like the ball is a metal and Jadeja is the magnet. Length ball on middle, Tewatia pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a boundary.


Full outside off, Unadkat swings but fails to connect. An error from Dhoni allows them to take a bye.


SIX! Unadkat won't die fighting but one feels it is realistically too late. Length ball on off, Unadkat comes inside his stumps and paddles it over fine leg for a biggie.


Full and wide outside off, Unadkat looks to play but misses.


Jadeja into the action again. Flighted on middle and off, Unadkat sweeps it to the left of deep mid-wicket. Jadeja cleans it up. Right now every grass seems to be covered by Jadeja. 109/7


Quicker on off, Unadkat keeps it out.


Flighted on off, Tewatia connects with reverse sweep but Jadeja, the man wh is covering everything gets to the ball and stops it before the ropes.


Short on off, Unadkat punches it to the off side for one.


Mistimed but safe! This time Tewatia sweeps but with no control. It lobs at no man's land at mid-wicket for one.


Oh! Floated on middle. Tewatia looks to play the reverse sweep but it hits his glove and lobs in front of stumps. Dhoni thinks to dive but feels the ball might hit the stump. Nothing happens as Tewatia blocks it as the ball rolls towards the stumps.

Time Out! All Chennai here! Rajasthan were sailing smoothly but a massive wave has turned their boat and they are fighting to reduce the damage here. The spin twin of Moeen and Jadeja pulled the handbrakes on Rajasthan's chase.


Slower ball outside off, Unadkat swings but connects with nothing. 105/7


Low full toss on off, Unadkat once again drives it to the right of sweeper cover for a brace.


Full around off, Unadkat plays a good-looking cover drive away from Jadeja for a brace.


Full on the pads, Tewatia looks to whack it across the line. He misses it and gets hit on the pad. The ball lobs behind point and they take a leg bye.


Outside off, Unadkat runs it down to third man for one.


WIDE! There was some noise but the umpire is unmoved as Bravo appeals. Full and wide outside off, too wide outside off as it is on the wrong side of the tramline. The bat hits the ground and hence the noise.


Good length ball around off, Tewatia dabs it to short third man and rotates the strike.

Who will bowl now? It will be Dwayne Bravo!


On middle, this is pushed towards cover for one. 97/7


Just a single again! On middle, this is pushed to covers for one.


On off, this is guided to point for one.

Jayden Unadkat walks out to bat.


OUT! Morris goes now! They are falling like a pack of cards! On middle, Morris mistimes the slog sweep and it goes straight into the hands of the fielder at deep mid-wicket. Jadeja it is again. Moeen has three.


Morris straightaway goes for the reverse sweep. He misses and gets hit on the pads. An appeal but it has hit outside off.


OUT! TAKEN! Parag holes out now! This is tossed up on middle, Parag goes for the slog sweep. It comes right off the bottom and it goes to Jadeja at deep mid-wicket. This chase seems impossible now.


Another single as this goes off the inner half through mid-wicket for one. End of a brilliant spell by Jadeja. 95/5


On middle, blocked again.


Another dot! Shorter and on off, it is pushed to covers.


On middle, this is pushed down to long off for one.


On off, defended.


On off, it is pushed down to long off for one.


Angled into the pads, Rahul looks to defend but misses to get hit on the pads. 92/5


OUT!  LBW! The move to get Moeen on works! Is that the game for Chennai as Miller is a goner! On off, Miller looks to sweep but misses to get hit on the pads, an appeal and the finger is raised.


On off, Parag looks to defend but it goes off the outer half towards point for one.


On middle, it is worked to mid-wicket.


Angled into the pads, this is worked to the bowler.


On middle, this is pushed back to the bowler.

Review time! Dube has been given out LBW, he reviews. Looks out.


OUT! The impact is umpire's call and it is hitting the middle pole and Jadeja has turned the game on its head with two wickets in the over. This lands outside off and turns back in. Dube looks to work it on the leg side but misses to get hit on the pads. An appeal and the finger is raised. Dube reviews and replays show that he has to walk back. Rajasthan do not lose a review though. 90/4


Shorter and on middle, it is pulled through square leg for one.


Quicker and outside off, Dube guides it down towards short third man for one.


On middle, this is pushed back to the bowler.


On middle, it is worked through mid-wicket for one.

Parag walks out to bat!


OUT! Timber! There is the huge wicket, the wicket Chennai needed and Buttler walks back one short of a half ton. A beauty to get rid of Buttler. This lands on middle and then spins away. Buttler goes back to defend but is beaten by the turn and it hits the stumps. This chase looks very difficult now.


A dot! So despite 4 wides, just 6 from the over. A yorker on middle, it is jammed back to the bowler. 87/2


This is turning out to be a long over. 4th wide. A full toss outside off, Dube swings but misses.


WIDE! One more wide! Well outside off, Shivam looks to jam it out but misses.


A full toss, it is played through mid-wicket just for one. A good over so far by Bravo.


One more dot! A slowe one, it is pushed to covers.


Just the one! Fuller and outside off, it is carved through covers for one.


Dot! A slower one outside off, it is played to covers.


Gets away with that one! Well wide outside off, left alone.


Two wides in a row! Well outside off, not played at.


WIDE! Well wide outside off, left alone.


Short outside off, Dube chops it behind point and keeps the strike. 11 off the over. Just what Rajasthan needed. 81/2


Just a single of the Free Hit. Darted fuller and quicker on middle. Buttler clears his front leg but can just whip it to deep square leg for one.


NO BALL AND SIX! If that biggie was painful, the buzzer is going to be a slat in the wound. Short on off and middle, Buttler gets on his back foot and smokes it over mid-wicket for a biggie. Jadeja has overstepped too to make matters worse. Free Hit coming up.


Floated on off, Buttler dabs it to short third man.


Darted quicker on middle. Buttler looks to play the reverse hit but has to adjust and defend it awkwardly.


Short and closer to Dube's body. Dube pulls it without any control but in no man's land over mid-wicket for one.


Short and spinning away. Buttler taps it with the spin to cover and gets a single.

Time Out! A steady beginning so far for Rajasthan. They have lost two wickets but Buttler is still out in the middle and they will hope he can continue his merry ways. Dube has played 11 deliveries to set in and now he will have to put his foot on the gas too. Chennai need to continue to get wickets and also manage to keep it tight if they are to defend this total. There is dew and that will not help the Chennai bowlers.


FOUR! Stand and delivery! A juicy half-volley from Thakur. Just like the first ball of the over, the last one is also asking to be hit. Dube goes straight over mid off and gets a boundary. 70/2


Fuller on off, Buttler pushes it towards mid off and calls for the single as soon as he hit it. Gets it with ease.


Length ball on off. Dube turns it through square leg for one.


Good length ball on middle, Dube pushes it to mid off.


Full on the leg side. Dube looks to flick but misses. The ball kisses his pad on its way to Dhoni.


FOUR! Short, wide, asking to be hit and it has been hit! Outside off, back of a length delivery. Dube slams it over point with ease for a boundary.


Hesitation but they get hte single. Floated on middle, Dube taps it to the left of short mid-wicket. Buttler calls for a quick single. Dube is a bit here and there. He though goes for it. The fielder gets to the ball but his throw at the keeper's end is well wide.  11 off the first over of spin. 60/2


Floated slower on off, Buttler punches it to the off side for one.


Jadeja shortens his length and darts quicker outside off. Buttler dabs it to short third man.


FOUR! This is even better! This time Buttler gets into the position and hits it through point for a bundary.


FOUR! Nicely played! Premeditated but nicely done. Darted around off, Buttler quickly gets in the position to reverse sweep it. He hits it away from short third man and gets a boundary.


Jaddu starts with a floated delivery on the pads. Dube flicks it to the leg side and takes a single to bring up Rajasthan's 50.

Change from both ends. Spin into the attack now as Ravindra Jadeja is into the action.


Back of a length delivery around off, Dube runs it down to third man and keeps the strike. 49/2


Full and wide outside off. Buttler plays it to sweeper cover and gets to the other end.


Dube is off the mark! On the pads, on a length. Dube knocks it to the left of mid on for one.


Good shot but straight to the fielder. Fuller on off, Dube pushes it to mid off with very little foot movement but good timing.


Full on middle, Buttler turns it to the on side for one.


Thakur starts with a yorker length ball on middle. Buttler jams it out.


Fuller on the stumps, Dube keeps it out. 45/2

Who will walk out at number 4? It will be Shivam Dube!


OUT! CAUGHT! Sam Curran gets the better of Sanju Samson. Another failure for Samson. Once again he disappoints all his fans. Consistency is the issue yet again with Samson. A majestic century in the first game is followed by two low scores. Sam Curran continues his impressive run in the yellow of Chennai and his decisive bowling is keeping Chennai in this game. Curran bangs it short, this one keeps heavy on Samson and is very close to the Rajasthan skipper. He looks to punch it with a flat-bat over mid on. The ball though hurries onto him and he lobs it to the man at mid on. Bravo there makes no mistake.  There was no pressure on Samson as Buttler was going along smoothly but he has failed yet again.


Good length delivery on off, Samson keeps it out.


Shorter ball on middle, Buttler is hurried onto his pull. He hits it to the left of deep mid-wicket. They think of two but decide not to take on Jadeja's arm.


This time Samson places it away from backward point and gets a single.


Good length delivery around off, Samson dabs it to the left of short third man.


Times brilliantly but no runs! On off, Jos stands tall and pushes it to mid off. 13 from the over. 43/1


Two! Angled into the pads, this is worked through square leg for two.


A good short one, Buttler looks to pull but misses.


Almost finds the edge this time! Fuller and outside off, Buttler looks to drive but is beaten.


SIX! Stand and deliver stuff! Buttler thai time waits for the slower one. It is fuller and right in the slot. Hammered over the long off fence for a biggie. 11 from the first three balls.


FOUR! Straight down the ground! Fuller and on middle, this is lofted wide of mid on for a boundary. This was not timed that well but in the gap.


WIDE! Down the leg side, Buttler looks to flick but misses. Wided!


A dot to end! Full and outside off, left alone. End of a successful over. 30/1

Sanju Samson walks out to bat!


OUT! TAKEN! Vohra falls in the trap! This is short and on middle, Manan pulls it in the air towards the man at deep mid-wicket who was just moved there. Jadeja takes it.


SIX! That will release the pressure that was building! This is short and on middle, Vohra picks th e length early and pulls it over the mid-wicket fence.


Buttler shuffles right across and Sam bowls it on the body, cramping him for room. Buttler looks to work it on the leg side but misses to get hit on the pads. It rolls on the leg side for a leg bye.


Good length and on off, this is pushed towards cover for one.


Well bowled! Length and angling away, Vohra looks to play it late but is beaten.


Two to end so a better over from Chahar! On the pads, this is worked through square leg for a couple. 22/0


Well fielded! Shorter and on off, this is pushed towards cover, Jadeja dives and stops it.


FOUR! Nicely controlled! A slowe bumper, Buttler rolls his wrists over the ball, keeps it down and hits it through backward square leg for a boundary.


Outside off, this is guided to point.


Crisp but only one! Fuller and outside off, this is drive through covers for one.


Lengyh and this one nips back in, Buttler looks to defend but it goes off the inner half towards the leg side for one.


That is a super over from Curran! Anothrt cutter to end! It lands on off and then moves away. Beats the outside edge as Vohra tries to defend. 14/0


Outside off, this is guided through point for two.


One. Ore dot! A slower one outside off, Vohra looks to defend but then baila out of the shot.


DROPPED! That needed to stick! Good attempt! This is very wide outside off, Buttler reaches out for it. It goes off the outside edge towards short third man. Thakur leaps and stretches one hand upwards, it does not stick in. Goes behind for one.


Length again and angling away, it is pushed to mid off.


Good length and on middle, defended.

Sam Curran is on now!


A dot to end but 11 from the first! On off, Vohra guides it to short third man. 11/0


FOUR! That is solid! What a shot to get off the mark! Shorter and on off, Vohra hangs back and guides it through point. Goes to the fence in no time.


Vohra had to get bat on that! On middle, it is worked to mid-wicket.


Drags his length back and bowls it shorter and on off, this is pushed towards cover for one.


Two now! On the pads, easy for Buttler, he works it through square leg for two. No swing again for Chahar.


FOUR! Off the mark in style! No swing for Chahar! He goes full in the search of it but it ends up being a half volley on middle. It is caressed down to the long on fence.