How to enable Adobe Flash support on Google Chrome

Adobe Flash is old, buggy and has been replaced by brand new, more capable standards. For these reasons, and for the security risk it poses, Google disabled support for Flash in its Chrome browser.

However, many websites still use this standard and if you must, you can enable flash support in Google Chrome

But in the event that you simply have to use a player that uses flash:

First, head to the following address via your Chrome browser: chrome://settings/content/flash

Next, click on the 'Allow sites to run Flash' toggle. It will turn blue when enabled.

 How to enable Adobe Flash support on Google Chrome

As a safety precaution, we also recommend that you enable the 'Ask first' toggle as well. When this feature is enabled, Chrome will first take your permission before running Flash content on a given web page. This will ensure better security while you browse the web.

Below the 'Ask first' toggle you will find a list of blocked sites and sites that are allowed to run Flash.

You can edit this list manually by hitting the 'Add' button or or the menu button next to the website entries.

WARNING: We reiterate, Flash suffers from too many security issues to be considered a secure standard. When possible, avoid using Flash on your browser.

Updated Date: Jul 22, 2017 11:31:36 IST