How to capture great sunset photographs

Sunsets are one of the most common subjects for a photographer. There’s a certain majesty in watching the sun slowly go down, marking the end of a day. How best to capture this scenic vista? Here are a couple of tips.

Contrast and saturation: When you’re shooting a sunset, you want to get those gorgeous, orange-red colours. Playing with the contrast helps. The same goes for saturation, which, when used wisely, can really make the colours pop.

 How to capture great sunset photographs

For DSLR owners: Use manual mode and increase your shutter speed. While this gives you a darker foreground, you get a nice, clean sunset image. Of course, don’t forget to change your other settings accordingly.

Focal length: If you have the option, go wide! Sunsets aren’t much fun when you’re just zoomed into the sun. A wide-angle image can show you lots of silhouettes and things you wouldn’t normally notice in a zoomed-in photo.

White balance: This is essential when playing with scenes that involve a lot of colour (like sunsets). Again, the settings are up to you. We'd recommend that you twiddle with manual settings rather than go for presets.

Updated Date: Jul 22, 2017 12:27:23 IST