Zarine Khan, Ali Fazal's Pyaar Manga Hain Tumhi Se is like a six-minute condom ad

FP Staff

Aug,03 2016 17:16:53 IST

T-series released a new music video 'Pyaar Manga Hain Tumhi Se' on Wednesday, 3 August, featuring Zarine Khan and Ali Fazal and to put it succinctly – it is nothing more than a six-minute long condom ad.

The new version is a far-cry from the original song from the 1978 film College Girl featuring Sachin and Bindiya Goswami. Zarine and Fazal are portrayed like teenagers with no control over their hormones. Sprinkled generously with love-making scenes and smooches it seems like the video is made to compensate for any future porn-ban in the country.

There's a thin line between sensuality and vulgarity. Alas, this video can't be said to acknowledge the difference!

Annoyingly, a deo brand is advertised in the midst of it all.

On the music front, Armaan Malik and Neeti Mohan must be given their due share of appreciation for attempting a song that was originally sung by Kishore Kumar. But even their beautiful rendition is overshadowed by the skin show.

Speaking about the song to International Business Times, Armaan Malik said, "Some of us don't even know that this song existed. So it's important that the youth gets the taste of these songs in a new way. Because they should know what kind of golden melodies were made in the past."

Hmm, we're wondering if this really was the best possible way to reacquaint new listeners to a classic melody?

Watch the latest video here:

Updated Date: Aug 03, 2016 17:18 PM