Young: The Chainsmokers release a nostalgic video chronicling their musical journey

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Jun 28, 2017 14:00:27 IST

The Chainsmokers, comprising Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, released the video of another one of their songs from their debut album Memories...Do Not Open. 

Young: The Chainsmokers release a nostalgic video chronicling their musical journey

Screenshot from The Chainsmokers' music video 'Young'.

After their mega hits 'Closer' in collaboration with Halsey, and 'Don't Let Me Down' featuring Daya, this song titled 'Young' is the musical personification of a throwback. The song itself was released back in April, however the music video was unveiled on 26 June.

Directed by Rory Kramer, the song is in the format of a lyric video, with pictures from Taggart and Pall's childhood, chronicling their growth — right until their freakish success and global superstardom and the subsequent performances and concerts that their success has taken them to.

The video charts their growth in a manner, literally and metaphorically.

Arranged in a chronological order, commencing from their childhood — the video sees Pall and Taggart as infants through the medium of their childhood photos. Showcased in the background with the song's lyrics superimposed on the pictures, we see the duo literally growing up, right until they graduate college and then in scores of recording studios, goofing around together, and even onstage during live performances.

The video comes as a fresh change from the heavily scripted and over dramatised videos that most artists have taken to churning out these days. The simple acoustics that accompany most of this song also compliment the video that goes along with the vocals.

As is expected, the video is very close to their hearts. The duo shared a detailed post on Instagram where they shared that it is 'impossible not to get nostalgic' while watching the video for Young.

The video takes us on a major trip down memory lane, and it is impossible not to go on The Chainsmokers' journey with them as the video progresses.

The music isn't too different from their previous songs, however this duo seems to have found a sure shot formula that continues to keep catapulting them into fame.

Watch the music video for 'Young' by The Chainsmokers here

Updated Date: Jun 28, 2017 14:00:27 IST