Young Sheldon first look: Younger, cuter counterpart to The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper

Young Sheldon will premiere in September 2017.

FP Staff May 19, 2017 16:50:03 IST
Young Sheldon first look: Younger, cuter counterpart to The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper

After almost a decade of loving the idiosyncrasies of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, we now have a chance to look at his origin story.

Young Sheldon first look Younger cuter counterpart to The Big Bang Theorys Sheldon Cooper

Image via Young Sheldon/Twitter.

CBS's Young Sheldon will take a look at the life of the precocious preteen Sheldon and his family life back in Texas. His parents, twin sister and older brother are slightly weary of the Sheldon and treat him the same way that we see his present day roommate Leonard treat him with.

The spin-off is free of canned laughter and single camera format, and is dramatically different from Big Bang. Also the humour is pretty much gag free, and seems to lean more on the sentimental side of things, which is drastically different from Big Bang's (and creator Chuck Lorre's) take on things.

But Ian Armitage (previously seen in Big Little Lies) strikes gold as Young Sheldon, who perfects the character's social awkwardness and cuteness to the T.

The trailer sees Sheldon enter into the ninth grade, alienating both his classmates and teachers with his impressive intellect and trouble with social skills, pointing out dress code violations and calling into question their teaching credentials. It seems a bit like Small Wonder's Vicky meet Doggie Houser in a way, but that shouldn't be a bad thing because the young, socially awkward genius theme had done wonders for those two shows themselves.

The series showrunner Molaro has written the pilot script and will be directed by Jon Favreau. Lorre, Molaro, Parsons and Todd Spiewak will serve as executive producers of the series, from Chuck Lorre Productions, in association with Warner Bros. Television.

While we have to wait till September for the full series, here is the first look at the origin story of our favourite nerd:

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