Why Kamaal R Khan’s public apology to Vikram Bhatt is suspect; timing is too pat

FP Staff

July 04, 2016 12:45:40 IST

After launching a particularly virulent tirade against filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, Deshdrohi actor and self-proclaimed film critic Kamaal R Khan has now issued a public apology for his previous statements.

Kamaal claims his change of heart was brought about after he watched Vikram on a Facebook Live video for news website The Quint, in which Bhatt said that KRK needs to decide if he wants to be seen as a troll or a serious film critic.

Kamaal promptly decided that serious film critic it was, and decided not to troll anyone on Twitter (his preferred medium, although he does occasionally dabble in t on Facebook as well) herewith.

He also rendered an unconditional apology to Vikram, who graciously accepted it.

But it’s just a little difficult to believe in Kamaal’s newfound enlightenment.

The timing is just a little too suspect.

Vikram had, after all, threatened him with legal proceedings for defamation — a case he quite likely would have won considering the general tone of most of Kamaal’s comments. Two, Vikram’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee — yes, the same advocate who is also representing Kangana Ranaut in her pitched battle against Hrithik Roshan — seemed very intent on making Kamaal sorry (and we don’t mean in just the apologetic sense) for tarring his client’s name. Then, an FIR was filed against Kamaal for molestation (possibly for the derogatory remarks he had made about actress Meera Chopra, as part of his rant against Vikram Bhatt).

Vikram had also launched an online petition to get Kamaal off Twitter.

Kamaal may have thought — or been advised — that saying sorry would get him out of a possibly protracted legal fight, his earlier bravado (he tweeted copies of Vikram Bhatt’s legal notice, as well as the Times of India report about the FIR being filed against him, with plenty of invective included in his captions) forgotten.

To be fair to Kamaal, he has apologised for his trolling before — though certainly not with as much frequency as he has given offense.

His apology to Vikram included one to all the other film industry people he has offended, saying that this marked the birth of a “new kind of serious film critic”.

Just like with all of Kamaal’s other attention-grabbing statements, we’ll take this one with a pinch of salt.

Updated Date: Jul 04, 2016 12:46 PM