What spooked Soori? Tamil actor shares video of 'ghost' encountered during late night drive

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Aug 19, 2016 15:58:40 IST

On the afternoon of Thursday, 18 August, Tamil actor Soori posted a video on his Facebook page.

The video shows the actor driving down a deserted road in the dead of the night (his post indicates that this occurred on the Coimbatore to Palani Road at 2.30am; Soori has captioned it 'My Real Ghost Encounter, Unbelievably True'), when suddenly, he and his companion spot a figure on the road.

What spooked Soori? Tamil actor shares video of ghost encountered during late night drive

That's Soori. When he isn't being spooked by spooks.

We may have passed it off for a road barrier of some sort, but Soori's more observant and perceptive eyes pick up on the possibility that this could be a spirit.

What happens next is worthy of the Blair Witch Project. Or a show featuring the late paranormal investigator Gaurav Tiwari.

As Soori zooms in his camera on the figure, a ghostly form takes shape — an orange sari with ankles showing underneath the hem, and nothing above what might presumably be the waist.

Soori is then heard yelling out at his companion to shut the lights of the car. "Light off panna," he shouts several times, in case the chap hasn't got the point. As they sit in the darkness, the panic builds. There's some rattling and heavy breathing and frantic shouting, until the men decide to ride on.

So just what was it that spooked Soori? In the true spirit of scientific inquiry, we watched the video on loop, pausing and zooming in and out and until our eyes protested.

Exhibit A: This is when the form emerges on the road

soori spirit 1

Exhibit B: A closer look at what Soori claims is the spirit. Pardon our shaky skills with a marker pen.

soori spirit 2

Darkness prevails as Soori's companion obeys his dictum of "Lights off panna":

Soori spirit 3

Cue loud sounds and frantic breathing. Then — could that be the robe/sari of the ghost against the windshield?

Soori spirit 4

Having examined the evidence, we are no closer to the truth of the 'unbelievably true' encounter. And to think we once imagined ourselves as Agents Mulder and Scully.

We leave you with Soori's post. Cue spooky theme song:

Updated Date: Aug 19, 2016 15:58:40 IST