Wes Anderson's next film will be a 1950s musical comedy set in fictional French city

FP Staff

Sep 20, 2018 15:44:28 IST

Isle of Dogs director Wes Anderson's next project will reportedly be a musical comedy set in France. W magazine via a report by French daily Charente Libre writes that the filmmaker will be shooting in Angoulême, south-west France.

 Wes Andersons next film will be a 1950s musical comedy set in fictional French city

Wes Anderson. Twitter @sttepodcast

"When he came in July, he asked if Angoulême had already been the subject of a full-fledged film, he really wants to make a character in his film, that's why he was looking for a city French with unevenness, stairs and preserved architecture," says the newspaper's source. However, the story of the untitled film will take place in a fictional city.

According to The Playlist, filming was anticipated to start in 2019 but will now begin in November and is expected to last for about four to five months. The budget of the project will be somewhere between €15-20 million, equivalent to approximately $17.5-23.5 million.

As for the casting, the report says that Anderson will feature an Academy Award winner (within the past five years) in the lead, which can include actors he has already worked with: Cate Blanchett (in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou) and Frances McDormand (in Moonrise Kingdom). Other actors who have a musical background or have previously showcased their musical abilities include Eddie Redmayne, Gary Oldman and Emma Stone.

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