Watch: Wes Anderson announces Isle of Dogs, new stop-motion film starring your favorite actors

FP Staff

Dec 22, 2016 12:29:25 IST

If you thought last month's surprise short film/commercial from Wes Anderson was the perfect Christmas gift you could have hoped for, things just got a whole lot more exciting.

After 2014's phenomenal The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson just announced his next feature project, in typical Anderson fashion.

In a video announcement, Anderson gave out details on is upcoming project, a stop-motion animated movie called Isle of Dogs. This will be his second stop-motion animation movie after 2009's Fantastic Mr Fox.

And if you are not already hyperventilating, here is the cast for the upcoming film: Edward Norton, Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Scarlett Johansson, F Murray Abraham, Tilda Swinton, Kunichi Nomura, Harvey Keitel, Akira Ito, Akira Takayama, Koyu Rankin, Yoko Ono, Courtney B Vance, Greta Gerwig, Frances McDormand, Bob Balaban, and Liev Schrieber.

Watch the video after the jump:

Anderson also announces the launch of his campaign for The Film Foundation, a non-profit organisation started by Martin Scorsese in 1990, dedicated to restoration and preservation of films.

In return for donations to the organisation, one winner gets a trip to the set of Isle of Dogs in London, where they can meet Anderson, provide a voice in the film and receive one of the dog puppets from the film.

Isle of Dogs will hit theatres in 2017.

Updated Date: Dec 22, 2016 12:32:58 IST