Watch: Vir Das and Nikkhil Advani talk about their upcoming collaboration

FP Staff

Jun 22, 2017 16:19:59 IST

Vir Das and Nikkhil Advani will be teaming up for a web series, and Firstpost caught up with the two to reveal more details about the project.

"Our whole series is about a baby who falls in love with a cat," says Vir Das jokingly. He adds, "I feel like a digital medium puts lesser pressure on a good story. We dont have the pressure of a theatrical release, box office, item numbers, etc"

"As a producer, digital is a great place to get a return on investment. Last year, my company did a show called POW; 110 episodes were shot. The show did really well for Star Plus," adds Nikkhil Advani

Both spoke about the difference between a film, a TV show and a web series, in terms of sheer numbers. Advani adds, "I've done 9 films so far but I'm sure the numbers don't add up to the numbers of POW. TV is a massive medium."

Vir Das also further spoke about his Netflix special and how it was received in the US. "For the first time, they saw an Indian not make fun of everything that's Indian. 10 years ago they weren't self-aware, but now they are. Can't get away with Apu from The Simpsons act anymore. At the end of the day, India is a large comedy crowd, but the US is a well-informed crowd. They've been watching stand-up for many decades now," he adds.

Watch Firstpost's interview here.

Updated Date: Jun 23, 2017 17:14:51 IST