Watch: Vicky Kaushal, Sarah Jane Dias are appealing in the 'Zubaan' trailer

Subhash K Jha

Jan 14, 2016 16:20:17 IST

There is something enormously appealing about the new trailer of Mozez Singh’s Zubaan. Most of the vitality of the images emanates from the film’s leading man Vicky Kaushal, who plays Dilsher Sikand, a young man with dreams, which get waylaid until he finds his right path.

And here's a film about a musician hero. When was the last time we saw that? Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Abhimaan? Aashiqui 2? Let’s not even go there.


A Youtube screen grab from Zubaan.

The trailer begins with Vicky Kaushal’s impressive voiceover “Mujhe sab kuch chahiye ttha …kuch ban-na ttha… ban-na ttha kisiki terah…k..k..k..karna ttha kisi ki terah.”

Yes, Vicky’s character stammers. And the trailer doesn’t hide that fact. Nor does it hide the fact that the first segment of the plot is similar to Subhash Ghai’s Pardes. The rich industrialist Amrish Puri, his spoilt son Apurva Agnihotri and the adopted dreamer played by Shah Rukh Khan, who the industrialist mentors .

This is exactly the triangular axis that Zubaan recreates in the first half of the trailer. In the second half, we see Dilsher come into his own, and take to music like a fish to water. There are striking shots of Kaushal honing his skills as a Sikh singer.

It’s an engrossing coming-of-age story with the pert Sarah Jane Dias, last seen in all her vivacious glory as one of the Angry Indian Goddesses, providing Vicky’s Dilsher with right doses of impetus to fly free-heartedly.

But most of all this is yet another opportunity after the very effective Masaan, for the upcoming Vicky Kaushal to show his ability to transform into any character that he plays.

Watch the trailer here:

Updated Date: Jan 14, 2016 16:20:17 IST