Watch: Unsettling video of Alia Bhatt dancing to 'Tamma Tamma' resurfaces; Twitter asks 'why?'

FP Staff

Dec 13, 2018 16:25:46 IST

An old video of Alia Bhatt dancing to 'Tamma Tamma' at Kids’ Choice Awards 2017 has joined that nightmarish cat coughing photo in the 2018 hall of fame of weirdest things on the internet.

You might be thinking, what's so strange about an A-list Bollywood actress dancing to a hit Hindi song? Well, everything was fine until Bhatt, a 24-year-old then, got down on her knees in a bid to come across as a child/vertically challenged person (?) and dance. She then proceeds to use an exercise ball for no reason at all and pretend like she's jumping on it with her unconvincing, makeshift legs.

Although she seems to be thoroughly enjoying the challenging act, we can't help but think of two things:

First: Who does that?

Second: Who made her do it?

Just when we thought 2018 had been a good year, the video found its way back onto our Twitter timelines, and will not let us go about with our lives. We don't know what's more odd - our Facebook posts from the early 2000s or Alia's moves.

Decide for yourselves:

Are you all holding up fine?


Alia Bhatt at the end of her performance

Some Twitter reactions have done a great job of asking the question on our behalf: Why?


"Who thought this was a good idea?" Someone who hates kids, duh


  ONLY Ranveer Singh could have given that a standing ovation.  


Imagine relating to Rohit Shetty, that's how odd this performance is:


Updated Date: Dec 13, 2018 16:25:46 IST