Watch: This short film on AIDS dares to take a lighter side

Subhash K Jha

Feb 17, 2016 18:24:33 IST

A rough-edged but well-intended new short-film on AIDS awareness entitled (aids+b)2 caught my attention, not so much for its message , but for the fact that it “dares” to take a lighter look at the ignorance about the AIDS virus.

Watch: This short film on AIDS dares to take a lighter side

Screen grab from the film.

Directed by Venky AV the 10-minute film chronicles the adventures of a 10-year old boy Morris (played effectively if somewhat self-consciously by Morris Jaychandran) who combines his father’s domestic pseudo-wisdom about viral diseases with his own google-acquired knowledge on the HIV virus and concludes that he is suffering from — you guessed it — AIDS.

This, after consuming paani puri from an old rasping vendor who coughs right into the goodies he sells to kids.

The quirky well-edited film’s best moments have Morris sharing a tiffin and AIDS-gyan with his best friend who swears on his, Morris’ mother(since his own mother has forbidden him from swearing on her) that he won’t tell anyone Morris has got AIDS.

The sweet, sometimes over-done little films lacks the finesse of the AIDS trilogy of short films in the AIDS Jaago series by Farhan Akhtar, Mira Nair and Vishal Bhardwaj that came out in 2009. But (aids+b)2 has a well-intended purpose behind it which it puts forward with a quirky plot that tells us how dangerous excessive google-acquired knowledge can be for impressionable minds.

The inspiration is clearly from the film Taare Zameen Par. The 10-year old child actor gets very natural and modest support from the actors who play his family. All in all, a short-film with a big message.
Don’t let your kid fool around with unchecked knowledge.

Watch the film here:

Updated Date: Feb 17, 2016 18:24:33 IST