Watch: There's a brand new trailer for Finding Dory, and it's adorable

FP Staff

Mar,03 2016 13:38:55 IST

If you are a Finding Nemo fan, and were floored by the first trailer of the sequel Finding Dory, you need to watch the new trailer that The Ellen DeGeneres show has put out on its YouTube channel.

A field trip to the sting ray migration reminds Ellen's character Dory, an amnesiac Pacific regal blue tang, of home and her parents.

A screen from the new Finding Dory trailer.

A screen from the new Finding Dory trailer.

When Dory sees the sting rays moving in a pack, she is forced to think about home and family, and her mind is flooded with memories of her own past.

Following the incident she sets out on an adventure in a bid to reunite with her parents. On her journey she meets Bailey, a whale, Destiny, a shark and Hank the octopus who help her find her parents.

The new Disney and Pixar film picks up about a year after the events of Finding Nemo, with DeGeneres' forgetful fish Dory on her own adventure to reunite with loved ones.

According to Disney, the film will feature new characters along with familiar ones, including Nemo and his dad, Marlin, who was voiced by Albert Brooks. There's no word yet from Disney on whether Brooks will reprise his voice role.

Watch the new trailer here:

Updated Date: Mar 03, 2016 13:38 PM