Watch: The Simpsons review Donald Trump's first 100 days in office as President

FP Staff

April 27, 2017 16:37:46 IST

Back in November, an old video resurfaced showing that The Simpsons predicted that Trump would become the leader of the free world.

Trump in The Simpsons. Image via Youtube.

Trump in The Simpsons. Image via Youtube.

Now, 100 days after he has been elected President, The Simpsons gives us a glimpse into the what the centennial of Trump's presidency has been like.

It is a dark and stormy night. A lifeless Sean Spicer hangs from the rafters next to his podium. Kellyanne Conway flees in terror — at the prospect of replacing him. A pair of White House inner-circle power players are attacking each other.

Meanwhile, President Trump remains blissfully unaware, reclining in an ornate bed and listing his many achievements, including 'lowering my golf handicap' and 'increasing my Twitter following by 700'.

Daughter Ivanka is also thriving — she's a Supreme Court Justice and is using the new platform to sell clothing and accessories.

Back home at the Simpson house, it's all a bit too much for Marge, who's popping Prozac pills as Grandpa is taken away by armed police. "Help, they’re taking me back to where I came from!" he cries, in a clear reference to Mr Trump's sweeping immigration overhaul.

The minute-and-a-half clip ends with the message that the clip was paid for by the 'Anybody Else 2020?' campaign.

Here's the clip:

Mr Trump has provided the show’s writers with plenty of material since his January 20 inauguration, with the show often using wealthy villain Mr Burns (Homer Simpson's boss) as a proxy for many of Mr Trump's real-life actions.

In 2016, writer-producer Dan Greaney said that a 2000 episode he penned, in which Mr Trump was the President, was meant to serve as a 'warning to America', rather than an accurate prediction.

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