Watch: The Mummy teaser featuring Tom Cruise will scare you out of your wits

Devansh Sharma

Dec 02, 2016 11:15:48 IST

The Mummy has returned yet again. However, this time it is not the Egyptian priest Imhotep who has risen from the dead. It's a woman.

Watch: The Mummy teaser featuring Tom Cruise will scare you out of your wits

A still from the teaser of The Mummy. Image courtesy: YouTube

Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe has released a teaser for The Mummy, which is the first installment of the series that is a spin off of The Mummy Trilogy by filmmakers Stephen Sommers and Rob Cohen. The new Mummy series stars Tom Cruise in the lead role and he will be seen battling The Mummy in this action-packed horror adventure.

The teaser hooks you right at the start as you see a group of men pulling up an ancient casket from a fissure in Earth, with the help of ropes. The tension escalates quickly as we see Cruise's character in the next shot mouthing the words, "I saw her. She is real."

The next shot sees The Mummy come to life. However, her resurrection is not depicted like that of The Undertaker sitting up in a casket. It is smartly and rather effectively portrayed through her eyes. The iris in her eyes turn golden brown and 'bud' out. The budding symbolises her assuming the power of regeneration while the colour gives out a hint of the supernatural. Also, the idea of keeping her eyes as the focal point of her resurrection attaches a feminine quality to The Mummy.

The rest of the teaser is predictable as all hell breaks loose. The final shot sees Sofia Boutella, who plays The Mummy, at her furious best. There are dark blue ancient imprints all over her body and her fingertips are also done up in dark blue. She does look like a lifeless walking mummy with her eyes the only sign of life. Also, one cannot help but notice the strips of 'mummy bandages' wrapped around her body. Goosebumps!

The teaser indeed serves as a not-so-warm welcome into 'new world of gods and monsters.'

The Mummy is directed by Alex Kurtzman and is slated to release on 9 June 2017. Watch the teaser here:

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