Watch: The great Baba Sehgal is now out to make the world a more fragrant place

Anshu Lal

Mar 02, 2016 17:32:45 IST

There are a lot of great people in the world who you can look up to. The great Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singhji Insan, who showed the world how not to name people and make movies. And the incredibly sexy Kamaal R Khan showed us all how to tweet if you are stupid.

And now, there is Baba Sehgal. In his latest video, the great Baba has revealed "the biggest truth of life". And that big truth is that "everybody farts".

Watch: The great Baba Sehgal is now out to make the world a more fragrant place

Baba Sehgal in his new video. Screenshot taken from YouTube video.

Yes, the description of the great Baba's new video titled 'Please Don't Fart' goes like this: "The biggest truth of life - everybody farts. Yeh fart kab aa jaaye, kaise aa jaaye, kyun aa jaaye, nobody knows. The guilt after farting takes a toll on your mind but don't worry, learn the lyrics of this song and leave all your worries behind."

Most people who watch Baba's video might come to the conclusion that he was desperately trying to get some views through toilet humour.

But we know the great Baba's true intent.

Since the video is not funny at all, we have come to the conclusion that Baba Sehgal's video is actually a very serious attempt to make the world a more fragrant place.

When the video begins (with fart sounds, by the way), we're told that it's a "cartoon representation". We're really not sure though whether it's supposed to be a cartoon representation of the "please don't fart" message or Baba Sehgal himself.

Then the great Baba begins. "Hey you guys, this is from my hearts. Everybody farts. Hahahaha!" he says. This means that either the great Baba actually has two hearts or this is another significant lesson on the importance of grammar.

After that, Baba begins rapping and it will take you a lot of time to comprehend what his deep words mean. Some of the most important messages of the great Baba in this song, are as follows:

"Baj gayi bell, aa gayi smell. Who farted? Actually, you can tell. Le lo, le lo, le lo uska case. Tell him, tell him, tell him on his face: Please don't fart."

(By the way, you can easily conclude that a song is full of rich meaning when most of the chorus is the line 'Please don't fart' repeated over and over again.)

"I know tum badi intelligently fart karta, kisi ko pata nahi chalta. But smell aa jati hai babu!"

"Jitne bhi tum padhe likhe hoge, bangle mein rehte hoge, bade bade talker hoge, Twitter mein stalker hoge, single malt peete hoge, rover mein ghoomte hoge, gaanv mein haveli hogi, Russian saheli hogi, rum bhi milta hoga, bum bhi hilta hoga..."

The most mysterious part of the video, however, is when Baba, in the end, admits that he too farts. Yes, after an making an entire video telling people not to fart, Baba Sehgal ends the video by saying, "I also fart."

Watch the full video here:

This is not the first time, however, that Baba has made life-changing videos. In yet another video, Baba tells people why he is sexy. Because the only thing better than telling people not to fart is making a video about self-obsession.

Updated Date: Mar 02, 2016 17:32:45 IST

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