Watch: Taapsee Pannu, Swara Bhaskar's sassy take on 'how much cleavage is good'

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Mar,08 2017 14:05:26 IST

Actresses Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhaskar are known to star in films that are women-centric, as well as be outspoken when it comes to gender-related issues.

In their latest video titled 'How much cleavage is good cleavage', which was released on 6 March, 2017, they talk about slut-shaming, body positivity, workplace harassment and eve-teasing.

Youtube screengrab

Youtube screengrab

They do not raise their voices or get melodramatic even once in this black and white video. Pannu and Bhaskar ask the viewer if they have ever wondered about how much cleavage is good, considering how much we discuss plunging necklines. They say that their guide will help bust all myths regarding cleavage, and they do this with dark humour and satire.

They have tips for every situation that a woman finds herself in. For the office, where one can find a accountant who gives you "weird looks", or a manager who is "rangeen", they recommend a high-bone collar neck or a turtle neck that is chin-high, so that you can strangle yourself. "Yeh bhi koi dikhane ki jagah hai kya?" they ask.

When it comes to the gym, Pannu highlights that as if the pressure to lose weight and sweat it out was not enough, there is also the added stress of making sure that one is dressed appropriately. Bhaskar talks about the pun-ny "six inch deep" rule, which reminds you to "watch your assets" because there are men who will stare. She talks about the irony of this situation; women come to the gym to work on their bodies but have to inevitably cover them up.

The third situation they talk about is a crowded place in the evening, which they call doubly tricky. They suggest wearing a polo neck for "your own safety" irrespective of which season it is; a jibe at the sexist advice that women constantly receive.

They also address dressing at clubs. "Scarf it up," is what they suggest, using a shawl from your mother or grandmother's closet. "Hopefully, it will become a new style statement. Safety is important."

Finally they talk about dressing for your wedding day. They suggest covering it all up, because all eyes will be on the bride. "Why do you want to create a scandal? Log kya sochenge? You don't want to start your married life like that," they say.

The video ends with a gentle, hard-hitting reminder. "We are women, we are born with it. If you have it, flaunt it."

They say that what other people think of their bodies is God's problem, not theirs. Irrespective of how their bodies are, they say it is their right to celebrate it. Right at the end, they say that they are proud of their bodies, and ask the viewer if they are too.

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Updated Date: Mar 08, 2017 14:06 PM