Watch: Meghan Trainor channels fierce diva vibe in video for her new single 'No'

FP Staff

Mar 23, 2016 09:40:08 IST

She’s chanelled a fairly demure vibe in her previous videos — such as “All About The Bass” and “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” — but in her recently released music video for the track “No”, Meghan Trainor has opted for a different look.

Watch: Meghan Trainor channels fierce diva vibe in video for her new single No

Meghan Trainor in "No". Screen grab from YouTube

The video for “No” begins with a pair of high-heeled boots leading us into an industrial complex-like space. This is Meghan, who then launches into her song — basically a tirade against men who try to flirt or pick up women in the most unsubtle ways. To suit the song’s aggressive tone, the video has corset-clad Meghan and a group of back-up dancers perform some fierce choreography. Later in the video, we have flashes of them writhing about on each other, clad in stockings and not much else.

In a previous interview, Meghan (who picked up a Grammy for Best New Artiste in February 2016) has said that her new album Thank You reflected a “nice” side of her. This was when record company executive LA Reid suggested that she “spice things up for a single”, which was how “No” came about. Meghan has described the song as a “girl power anthem”.

But for a song that’s all about girl power, “No” seems to play into ideas of objectification rather than empowerment. We wish both the lyrics and video were making a far stronger point than they are at the moment. And as for the fierce warrior vibe — Beyonce just does it so much better.

Watch the video for Meghan's "No" here:

Updated Date: Mar 23, 2016 09:40:08 IST