Watch: Lady Gaga's carpool karaoke with James Corden is filled with her greatest hits

FP Staff

October 26, 2016 14:39:14 IST

If you're an international celeb and are promoting some new material (a film or an album), chances are you're going to appear on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. Adele did it when her album 25 was releasing. So did Britney Spears. And now, Lady Gaga appeared on the show as well.

First up, we've never seen her so up close and personal for this long (the video is 13 mins) with minimal make-up. However she stuck to the memo with her outfit, which possibly out-shined the entire road they were driving on, with its bling. But that's Lady Gaga for you.


Corden and Lady Gaga start off by doing a very powerful karaoke version of 'Perfect Illusion'. Lady Gaga is seen really going for it. She gives it her all in every single note of all the songs she performs. Usually, Corden is seen matching steps with most of the celebs when they sing, but this time, she easily overpowered him.

When they start to sing 'Bad Romance', Corden asks her if someone has ever stopped to ask her about her lyrics, like "ra ra ra ra, roma, rom, ma ma". To this, Gaga says, "Well, I'm the boss." And they start to sing. Best introduction to the spirit of the song, in our humble opinions.

This is followed by spirited performances of 'Born This Way' and 'Poker Face'. If anyone had any doubts about Lady Gaga's singing prowess, this karaoke session should prove it otherwise. She even gives Corden tips on how to open up one's voice and sing more eloquently.

However, the moment of the video was when they got to talking about fashion (and much has been written about Lady Gaga's fashion choices). "I hate it when fashion fails me," she tells Corden. To which he responds, "It rarely does though."

He then goes on to dress up in a replica of her every outrageous outfit. You have to see it to believe it:

Updated Date: Oct 26, 2016 14:39 PM