Watch: Kareena Kapoor sizzles but 'Mera Naam Mary' is a bad song

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Jul 10, 2015 07:17:57 IST

The makers of Brothers deeply believe in recycling. So they stripped the sandwiches and chapatis that they had got for lunch, sewed the aluminium foils into a petticoat and a bralet and voila, they had the wardrobe for the 'item song' in their film. Most women would shudder at the thought of being in ten miles of the said costume, but when you are Kareena Kapoor you can make a sack look hot on you. Literally.

So Kapoor slipped into the aforementioned atrocity-cum-dress and shot for a song called 'Mary'. It's supposed to be one of those songs - you know, where the hero sits in a 'bar' pulling a long face. And since he is hot, slightly beefy and is sporting a week-old stubble, God doesn't want his beauty to go unsung. So a woman comes along to sing to him. And dance. Think Chikni Chameli, Saat Samundar Par etc

Watch: Kareena Kapoor sizzles but Mera Naam Mary is a bad song

Kareena Kapoor in Mary.

In this song, Kareena Kapoor is that god-sent woman who is supposed to dance around in the most gravity defying clothes. And Siddharth Malhotra is the god-awesome-looking man, who is supposed to look disinterested in her. Let's say both do what they are supposed to with great aplomb.

"Mary" is introduced in the video to a tune that's uncannily similar to the prelude of Ranveer Singh's Tattad Tattad. Kapoor aka Mary is seen establishing herself as a hot woman - which in Bollywood involves writhing  and stroking your own body waist up.

Mary, however, is not happy with the usual Bollywood fare. So she gets water splashed on her and then squeezes her own waist to drain the water. She then dries herself in front of a table fan.

"Mera naam Mary hai, Mary sau takka teri hai," she sings, while accomplishing impossible tasks like drying her hair with help from a table fan, changing clothes on stage, beating a dhol, shaking her waist vigorously like it's an empty piggy bank. By the way, the refrain sounds exactly like Priyanka Chopra's Pinky Hai Paisewaalon Ki

After you have watched Mary, which had been hyped since the last two days, you immediately have to play a Chikni Chameli or a Baby Doll to repose your faith in Bollywood's talents to produce a good dance number. A lot of the video of Mary reminds you of Chikni Chameli and Sheila Ki Jawaani, not to mention the tune which feels it has been recycled from various older 'item' numbers.

Watch 'Mary' here:

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