Watch: Fitoor's 'Pashmina' is curiously similar to Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud'

Swetha Ramakrishnan

Jan 14, 2016 17:45:42 IST

Katrina Kaif is a brilliant dancer, and there's no refuting that.

On Thursday morning, a song from the upcoming film Fitoor, titled 'Pashmina' went viral, owing to Katrina's ridiculously amazing contemporary dance moves. She was joined in the video, by an equally good Aditya Roy Kapur. One can see both Kaif and Kapur sensuously waltzing around a ballroom, dancing their emotions away.

Watch: Fitoors Pashmina is curiously similar to Ed Sheerans Thinking Out Loud

Stills from 'Pashmina' and Ed's Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud'.

The song itself, helmed by Amit Trivedi, is a melodious, breezy number and a clear win on multiple levels. And if it weren't for our curiosity, this piece would end here. However, we couldn't shake off the feeling that 'Pashmina' seemed to look very familiar to a song we had seen and heard before.

And voila, here comes Ed Sheeran.

His song, 'Thinking Out Loud' not only has the same backdrop, choreography and lighting as 'Pashmina', the duos seem to be wearing the same costume as well. If you were to play both videos out at the same time in two different tabs, it would be easy to get lost and confused in the process.

To 'Pashmina''s credit, the choreography is effortlessly jaw-dropping, and like we've seen earlier in the Dhoom 3 song 'Kamli', Katrina puts her heart and soul into her dance moves. 'Pashmina' is definitely a more layered song than 'Thinking Out Loud', which plays out as a typical Ed Sheeran ballad. (Full marks to Amit Trivedi).

The setting of 'Pashmina' is supposed to be the Bollywood equivalent of Satis House in Charles Dickens' 'Great Expectations' and going by how the song is adapted into the Indian/Kashmiri setting, we are excited to see more.

We only wish the makers of Fitoor would attempt to be more original.

Fitoor releases on 12 February. Watch both the videos here:

Updated Date: Jan 14, 2016 18:46:26 IST