Watch: Ed Sheeran performs new single 'Eraser' from his new studio album, Divide

FP Staff

Mar,01 2017 12:05:43 IST

Here's one more treat for the Sheerios (the Ed Sheeran cult) before Sheeran's big album release on 3 March. The British singer-songwriter just released another track — this time by way of a live performance.

A still from the new video.

A still from the new video.

His new album is called Divide (styled as '÷'); his third studio album. The new track, 'Eraser' is a guitar-heavy, rap-infused song that's reminiscent of the first tune he played for SB.TV back in 2010.

The lyrics sound pretty personal to Sheeran, starting out with a reflective line similar to the beginning of 'Castle on the Hill,' "I was born inside a small town but I lost that state of mind."

As the song continues, Sheeran looks back on his life thus far with wishful regret ("I wish my private life would've never gone public," "I wish that I could make peace with my older cousin"), but also keeps his charm with other lines such as "the industry told me to look like them/ But I find happiness in fried food for my dinner."

The song debuts on SB TV, the people who were responsible for launching Ed Sheeran in 2010. They posted a throwback:

Sheeran replied with "7 years! Wow, so much has happened. I think we should drop a new video today of a new song...."

Here's Ed Sheeran's 'Erase' :

Updated Date: Mar 01, 2017 12:36 PM