Watch: Brothers' anthem, with smoking hot Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra

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Jul 29, 2015 14:44:08 IST

While watching the trailer for Dharma Productions' Brothers, starring Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra, chances are your first reaction will be amazement at how effortlessly both actors turn into fighters. There's animosity and violence punching its way through the frames. Especially from Malhotra, who's usually seen looking cute and squeaky clean, it's quite a performance.

Based on the Hollywood action film WarriorBrothers is about two desperate but determined brothers who are pitted against one another in the wrestling ring. The film's trailer quickly reached almost 8 million views on Youtube.

Watch: Brothers anthem, with smoking hot Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth Malhotra and Akshay Kumar in Brothers.

Now we've got Brothers' anthem, composed by Ajay-Atul and sung by Vishal Dadlani. Released on 27th July, it's already had more than 80,000 views.

The song shows the journey of David Fernandez (Kumar) and Monty Fernandez (Malhotra). who are prepping up for their fights. David appears to have the benefit of a proper gym, equipment and trainers. Meanwhile, Monty is seen working out in a construction site, climbing cranes and using machines that have been fashioned out of rusty spare parts.

Dadlani's rough-edged voice matches the energetic beat of the anthem. You'll be thoroughly revved up to watch these two brothers go at each other.

Kumar plays a teacher who gives up his job to train for this fight. Malhotra's Monty is someone best known for breaking rules, we're told. Both actors are pretty darn awesome with their physical prowess. Keep in mind Kumar is 47 years old.

The song ends with a few shots of Kumar and Malhotra pummelling each other in a wrestling ring. They look rather worse for the wear in those shots, but until then, Brothers' anthem is a visual treat. In more ways than one.

The film is set to release on August 14, 2015. It also stars Jackie Shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez.

Watch the song here. (You can thank us later):

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