Watch: Arrested Development season 5 trailer promises more comedy from the dysfunctional Bluths

FP Staff

May 08, 2018 13:31:35 IST

The Bluths are back, again!

Five years after Netflix brought back the cult classic Arrested Development for a fourth season, it is bringing it back once more for a fifth season. The irony is not lost on Netflix, which called this iteration the "new new beginning". The show had initially premiered on TV in the early 2000s before being cancelled in 2006. The streaming platform released a trailer for the new season that reintroduces us to the madcap family.

The show centres around a dysfunctional and immature family that keeps getting into trouble through their selfish and ill-considered actions. While the protagonist of the show is the second son Michael, it is the eccentric characters around him that provide much of the show's humour.

The trailer starts with Michael being informed that his sister Lindsay is running for political office because she wants to be "part of the problem". The trailer then goes into a flashback of the show's high points including the family's iconic chicken dance. It is then revealed that the Bluths have decided to give themselves the award for "Family of the Year", which is why they are all together again.

The show has even set up a website ( where you can cast your vote for Family of The Year.

The trailer also has the family members in slightly different looks as Buster now has a working robotic arm instead of the hook he had before and Maeby has changed her hair colour drastically.

The show has made the controversial choice of sticking with Jeffrey Tambor as the Bluth patriarch. Tambor exited Amazon's Transparent amid misconduct allegations made by his former assistant and an actress on the show. He has denied the harassment claims and said he was "profoundly disappointed" in how Amazon handled the matter.

The show will air all its episodes on Netflix on 29 May.

Updated Date: May 08, 2018 13:31:35 IST