Watch: AIB's latest video shows how Bollywood has consistently normalised stalking, harassment

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Dec 13, 2016 16:35:17 IST

Comedy kingpins All India Bakchod (AIB) have come out with their latest addition of satire and this time it is a video which highlights how Bollywood through the ages has normalised eve-teasing, stalking and harassment.

Titled 'Harassment Through The Ages', the video stars Masaan actors Richa Chadda and Vicky Kaushal in the 'lead' roles. Mallika Dua of 'Every Delhi Girl' fame is also seen in the video as the voice of reason.

The video starts with a news report about the 2015 Australian case where an Indian man was accused of stalking and harassing women. His lawyer in (a stroke of genius) defended the man with the argument that the accused had grown up in India where films in Bollywood regularly normalised stalking and harassment.

The Australian court found the man 'not guilty' as they too thought that the Indian culture had influenced him to commit the crime.

 Watch: AIBs latest video shows how Bollywood has consistently normalised stalking, harassment

Poster for AIB's video 'Harassment through the ages'. Photo credit: Facebook/AIB

The video starts with this news peg and goes on to show how Bollywood consistently objectified women and normalised the surreal activities of its male leads.

Customised versions of songs like 'Hothon pe naa, dil mein haan hoinga', 'Khudko kya samajti hai', 'Lal dupatte wali' feature in the video which has tried to highlight how harassment did not show up in the films of only one generation. The songs spread out over decades show how stalking/harassment was present in the films of the '60s, 70s, 90s, etc. The video did not even spare the recent Varun Dhawan starrer Main Tera Hero where the song 'Tera hero idhar hai' starring the protagonist was rife with the assumption that the harassing a woman would get her attention.

The video also highlights how the women in these songs are made to 'succumb' to the male leads' predatory moves in a ploy by the director to show romance.

The 'voice of reason' Dua in the video consistently tries to reason with the audience/actors through dry humour and sound advice. However it seems to be falling on deaf ears!

The video directed by Tanmay Bhat comes at a time when conversations about female consent and harassment are given precedence in Bollywood films. This video takes a lighter tone to make the same point which films like Pink made earlier in the year.

Hopefully the video gets its point across to 'romantic' Indian males who probably should come up with different means of 'wooing' a woman.

Watch the full video here:

Updated Date: Dec 13, 2016 16:35:17 IST