Voting for Dumbolina brings out the politicking side of Splitsvilla 7 contestants

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Aug 25, 2014 19:57:40 IST

Episode 11 of Splitsvilla 7 was aptly titled Dumbolina, intuitively perceiving how the audience would feel after watching the show. But let's not look so ahead. Apparently, the episode is about testing how smart the women on the show are (the men don’t need a test because we know they’re more than just 'dumbolinas').

So why the contest? Isn't it enough that the girls have managed to get in on the show on the basis of their looks? No, because as Sunny Leone reminded us, men love women who are smart and thus everything should be done to ensure that only the ‘smart’ women remain. This resulted in nerves among the women. As Dana put it so eloquently: “They will ask about Knowledge.”  And she’s right.

Voting for Dumbolina brings out the politicking side of Splitsvilla 7 contestantsRound one of the quiz  began and it seemed that the directors wanted to confirm to us that all the girls are dumb, except of course for ‘moti’ Jacqueline. She’s the only one whose answers didn't leave us laughing or weeping at the state of humanity.  In contrast, there was Scarlett who informed us that she is sure Kofi Annan is not a coffee drink; it’s a herb. Ok then. New entrant Ranji said that since Dana speaks "Hibbersh", Israel’s religion must be Hebrew. Well done. Priyanka didn't know where Lord Ram was born. Of course, the men had all the correct answers and thus at the end of round one, we had to conclude that women are not smarter.

In the second round, the girls had to run towards a gong (a regular buzzer just wasn’t good enough for the show's producers) and the first one to ring it would answer the question. You really had to feel for poor Jacqueline. Even though she managed to answer all the questions, the fact that she’s an "elephant" (as Mr Asia reminds us so eloquently) means smart isn’t good enough in the Splitsvilla world. Also Scarlett redeems herself by saying that of dolphin, sea Urchin and shark, the shark is definitely a fish. She knows this because restaurant menus have confirmed this to her. We also see the aggressive side of newcomer Ranji, who’s determined to grab the hammer each time. It’s a lot of unnecessary cat fighting for a hammer and we can’t help but ignore the subtle phallic reference.

But moving on, at the end of the round, Apoorva and Priyanka were the bottom two and the boys voted on who should be crowned Dumbolina. Sadly, Priyanka was given this title and thus went straight into the dumping zone. She felt sad because Mayank Gandhi kind of betrayed her, as far as she is concerned.

Her sob story aside, the show wasn't quite over. Just in case all this intellectual exercise didn't make you question the female contestants' sex appeal, the quiz rounds were followed by a dance competition. All girls were given a fairy tale character and needed to dance for the boys to avoid getting dumped. Strangely, even the two banished boys (aka Ayaz and Rhishabh) were allowed to watch this show and vote on the question who gets dumped. Banishment sure does come with benefits in this place.

The good thing about this dance competition is that it was an ego boost for many women and men. Friends, remember all those ridiculous dance steps that you did at a friend’s wedding or in the pub when you were drunk? Feel no shame because apparently, they are all sexy. At least, according to the Splitsvilla boys.

In Dana’s case, the idea that you are dressed as Jasmine is good enough and qualifies as sexy. In Rashi’s case, not moving your whole body and just moving your hands qualifies as dancing.  Of course when Jacqueline comes to dance, Ayaz worried that the stage would break. What’s dance competition without cracking a few moti jokes?

At the end of the competition, the boys were asked to save two girls each. While Dana and Apoorva got saved, newcomer Ranji and Jacqueline headed straight for the dumping zone. No surprises there. Out of Scarlett and Rashi, (both got a vote each) the banished boys were asked to choose which girl should join Ranji and Jacqueline. Obviously Ayaz and Rishabh pick Rashi, since she’s close to Mayank Gandhi and thus she must now pay for his crime of sending Priyanka to the dumping zone.

It seems the rajneeti of Splitsvilla is heating up. Yawn.

Splitsvilla airs on on Saturday 7 PM on MTV

Disclaimer: Splitsvilla airs on MTV India, which is part of Viacom 18, a joint venture between Network 18 India and Viacom Inc. Firstpost is published by the Network 18 Group.

Updated Date: Aug 25, 2014 19:57:40 IST

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