Varun Dhawan on October: 'If this film hadn't come to me, I would've remained ignorant of the meaning of love'

Abhishek Srivastava

April 11, 2018 08:39:17 IST

The fatigue is apparent on Varun Dhawan’s face and it could only be blamed on the promotion of his upcoming film October, his performance at the IPL opening ceremony and a just concluded schedule of Sui Dhaaga. But when he takes to his chair the weariness is overshadowed by his eagerness to talk about a Shoojit Sircar film that features him. In fact, the star is a bit surprised that despite his willingness to go that extra mile for the film, it was Shoojit who wanted him to lie low for promotions. “Shoojit Da is not permitting us to go all out to promote October. I even enquired from his production team about the number of days that will be required for promotion. Normally it's always between 15 to 25 days but when I was informed that I will be required for five days, I was bit shocked. Shoojit Da reasoned that if I were to go extensive for the promotions, chances are I might just reveal something from the plot,” informs Varun.

Varun Dhawan in October/Image from Twitter.

Varun Dhawan in October/Image from Twitter.

Varun reveals that when he started shooting for the film, he was slightly scared. The world of October was a completely different world for him and he was to jump on this film immediately after Judwaa 2. “Shoojit Da stressed upon the fact that I ought to be natural in the film. He was just not interested in my regular acting but was more interested in keeping things in its normal format. For him the right time is when things happen naturally. I had not done such form of acting before and was bit confused and did not know what to do next. He then made me sit and told me that I am just not supposed to act for this film. He added that after the release people might say Varun has acted exceptionally well in the film but the fact remains that it's only me who knows that I have not done any acting in the film.”

Varun discloses the fact that he had modelled his character on a 19-year-old boy who was employed at the same hotel where they shot the film. The star was moved by the plight of the trainee who harboured aspirations of becoming a sous chef. According to Varun, his story was heart wrenching and nursed notions that no one expected anything from him including his parents. “The guy had this feeling that he won’t be able to do much in life. When I struck a conversation with him, he just broke down. I was in Delhi at that time for prep work of October. Next day he even got home-made biryani for me and from then onwards I started talking to him on a daily basis. On the third day, I introduced him to Shoojit and he really liked his body language.” Varun further reveals that being a trainee his duty kept rotating every fourth day and thus one could spot him at the gym, toilet and other places. It was on the last day of his stay that Varun requested the management to assign him kitchen tasks. Three days later the star was informed that he was finally given an entry to the kitchen.

Conversation with the star also gives an insight to his viewpoint on relationships. Its noticeable that the 37-day schedule of the film has left a deep impact on the actor who has now started believing that social media and technology have started taking a toll on love and relationships. “I am lucky that this film was offered to me. If this film had not been offered to me, I would have remained ignorant of the true meaning of love. I am never at one place because of my commitments and shooting schedules and during such moments you tend to lose track of what should be your priority as a human being. If making money is the sole intention, then I would say that it would be stupid. What matters eventually is whether I did give enough love to my loved ones and vice versa.”

Varun is also part of the crop of actors who believe in doing one film at a time but maintains that it will take some time for him to get there. He also adds that slowly and steadily he is getting there. “It has taken me time to be offered films like October and Sui Dhaaga. In the past, Shoojit never called me to his office to offer a film. I reached this level of importance only after my tenth film,” says an elated Varun. Varun also gives some insight into a typical Shoojit Sircar film set. “The sets are stress-free and he calms you down before shooting. He often reiterates that forget the fact that you are on a film set. If I am not interested in shooting for the film, he offers to postpone it for the next day. He is a genius and knows how to cajole an actor.”

Few facets of Varun echo their resemblance with Salman Khan and that pertains to the megastar’s benevolence, sensitivity and emotional aspect. So will it be right to compare him with Salman Khan? “No, please don’t compare me with him. The kind of large heartedness that he has, I don’t think I have reached there yet. For someone to give so much of his wealth without even thinking, is incredible.” Varun also reveals that he did meet the star at his home after he was released on bail. He further informs that he only hugged him and did not say a word. “My relationship with Salman Khan is personal because I have known him since I was a kid. All my reactions towards the superstar are from a personal angle and never from the professional point of view.”

Without the mention of word nepotism, Varun admits the fact that it’s easier for people to get work who are part of the industry and change is the need of the hour. “A change is required and there are many actors who are heralding this change. Rajkummar Rao is a beautiful actor and I really enjoy watching Ayushmann’s films. These guys are changing the game. I think somewhere things are changing and it should not happen only with actors even producers, writer, directors should come from outside. I would refrain from making any broad comments because I don’t have much power to bring about a change but given an opportunity, I will definitely try,” admits Varun.

Varun believes that October has opened a new vista for him and has changed him both as an actor and as a human being. The impact has been so severe that these days he often re-looks at his previous performances and nitpicks faults. According to the star, October is more of a sensitive film as opposed to a serious film. So when does he plan to show the film to his dad? “I am not showing the film to him till it is released. I don’t want any pressures from him right now. I want him to cry when he sees the film.”

Updated Date: Apr 11, 2018 14:05 PM