Varun Dhawan feels Kangana Ranaut's take on nepotism in Bollywood is 'right to a certain extent'


Sep,16 2017 11:44:41 IST

Mumbai: Actor Varun Dhawan, on 16 September, said the debate on nepotism in film industry started by Kangana Ranaut was right to a certain extent but blown out of proportion.

Varun Dhawan. Photo by Sachin Gokhale

Varun Dhawan. Photo courtesy: Firstpost/ Sachin Gokhale

Earlier this year, the Queen star had called Johar "flag-bearer of nepotism" on his own chat show, stoking a major controversy.

The matter escalated further at an award function when Varun along with hosts for the event, Karan Johar and Saif Ali Khan, mocked Kangana over the issue.

The trio was criticised on social media for the joke made at the expense of the actor and had to eventually apologise for the same.

When asked about Kangana's accusation that Johar has only launched "star kids", Varun, son of filmmaker David Dhawan, said, "Who all has he launched by now? They're all star kids right? Then it's not an accusation, it's the truth..."

"To a certain extent, what she (Kangana) is saying is right. I think this matter was blown up. She was just trying to get a point across. She wanted to say it in her own way but people stretched it too much. But we are a fraternity," Varun said.

The actor was in conversation with journalist Mayank Shekhar at the Jagran Cinema Summit in Mumbai..

However, Varun said Johar had also launched a lot of budding filmmakers who had no connections in the industry.

"But Karan has also launched a lot of directors like Shashank Khaitan, who is a very dear friend of mine. He is from Nashik and had nothing to do with film family. He gave a script to Karan, who believed in his dreams. Karan had also made Gippy where he launched a girl... Even Sidharth (Malhotra) isn't from the industry," he added.

Updated Date: Sep 16, 2017 11:44 AM