Unreleased Doctor Who episode, titled The Witchfinders, accidentally streamed by Amazon Prime

FP Staff

Nov 23, 2018 12:42:59 IST

Streaming giant Amazon Prime accidentally time traveled to the future after it aired an episode of Doctor Who that was supposed to release on 25 November. Instead of streaming Kerblam!, viewers trying to watch the latest episode found themselves watching the next episode, The Witchfinders.

The mistake was spotted by io9, Verge reported as while Witchfinders aired inadvertently, Amazon had the subtitles for Kerblam! making fans wonder what conveyor belts had to do with the 17th century.

A still from Doctor Who. Image via Twitter

A still from Doctor Who. Image via Twitter

In a statement to io9, BBC studios said that it was aware that an episode to be released at a later date was being streamed for US Amazon Prime users adding that it had been released "in error" and the company was looking into how this happened. “We are investigating how this happened and have taken the steps to remove it. BBC Studios would like to apologise if anyone’s enjoyment of the series has been spoiled by this mishap,” the company said.

It has since removed the episode and viewers can now access the correctly scheduled programme.

The episode that should have aired was in fact a not-so-subtle dig at Amazon as it made references to the increasing emphasis on robotic labour and complaints about working conditions, Engadget wrote.

Doctor Who is currently in its eleventh series.

Updated Date: Nov 23, 2018 12:44:10 IST