Uday Chopra tweets on Karnataka governor's affiliation to BJP-RSS; Twitterati call him 'Rahul Gandhi of Bollywood'

FP Staff

May 17, 2018 14:44:13 IST

The punching bag of Twitter Trolls Association, Uday Chopra, once again woke up to unpleasant messages after posting a tweet about Karnataka elections.

Uday Chopra. Image from Youtube

Uday Chopra. Image from Youtube

Now, the Karnataka elections has all of us glued to news channels but it's Chopra who is doing the real digging. On the evening of 15 May, he claimed to have found dirt on BJP and tweeted about it:

In his tweet, he indicated that the Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala is affiliated to the BJP and the RSS, therefore implying that his ties to the party have led it to form government in the state. Little did Chopra know that supporters of the political party in question would come for him and his acting career. From calling him the Rahul Gandhi of Bollywood to belittling his career, the trolls just didn't stop.

However, Uday didn't hold back in his responses to the trolls and also gave them a lesson or two on Indian politic

He then, in a Shashi Tharoor-esque tweet, signed off from the site:

Although the reason for this Twitter behaviour is unclear, it's not the first time this has happened. Chopra really is unrestrained on Twitter. His tweets, highly philosophical, demand multiple readings:

That explains Pyaar Impossible.

We guess?

Not if it is theoretical.

Same Uday, same.

Updated Date: May 17, 2018 14:45 PM