Plank off! Uday Chopra, Sunny Leone indulge in healthy fitness competition


Mar,04 2016 10:07:31 IST

Mumbai: Actor-producer Uday Chopra challenged actress Sunny Leone to a planking exercise on Thursday.

Uday Chopra, Sunny Leone. Getty Images.

Uday Chopra, Sunny Leone. Getty Images.

Taking to the micro-blogging website Twitter, the duo started off with a discussion of exercises and planks when Uday challenged Sunny with an image of himself in the midst of a planking exercise at the gym.

The Twitter conversation started with Sunny and her trainer Prashant.

While Sunny tweeted: “Hardest plank I do with prashant six pack for 1min, the form is important, don't hurt yourself!” Prashant responded to her tweet and wrote: “Sunny Leone you have got two more extra points for this plank. Thanks for the support.”

Following the conversation, Uday expressed his admiration and posted: “Sunny Leone, Prashant six pack dayum! I thought I did tough planks but that’s another level. Pure core strength!” Sunny then said that one feels great after the exercise.

Taking this as an opportunity, the Dhoom 3 actor proposed a planking competition.

"On that note…I’m going to go to the gym now. We can have a plank competition at some point. Sunny Leone, Prashant six pack challenge accepted! I went a step higher (literally) your turn #PlankOff,” he posted.

In response to Uday, Sunny tweeted: “Haha a plank off? Not sure I would survive but I have a feeling prashant six pack would be game to time it."


Updated Date: Mar 04, 2016 10:10 AM