Twin Peaks reboot: All you need to know before David Lynch's show makes its debut

FP Staff

Mar 27, 2017 16:29:30 IST

Remember Twin Peaks?

The very peculiar soap opera that made its debut on TV in 1990 and became an instant sensation, is getting a revival which will premiere this summer.

The 1990 series by director David Lynch and acclaimed TV scribe Mark Frost (Hill Street Blues) lasted two seasons. It captured the imagination of a large audience with a weird whodunit set in a deeply mysterious Washington lumber town after the murder of teenager Laura Palmer.

Twin Peaks followed FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle McLachlan), who arrives in the namesake town and finds himself caught up in some seriously weird goings-on as it emerges that the seemingly wholesome Laura was living a double life..

A small sleepy town that is the center of weirdness — this is the template that inspired the Netflix hit Stranger Things so much so, that Stranger Things creators drop Twin Peaks references and easter eggs in many of their episodes.

The new series will follow what happens after the final scene in the second season and is eerily timely, given that episode also featured a scene in which Laura tells us, from beyond the grave: "I’ll see you again in 25 years" since it is 26 years since the last episode of the season first aired.

The series will kick off on 21 May with a 2 hour episode and will have a total of 18 episodes.

Entertainment Weekly gave us a sneak peak into a few images of the show:

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It looks like Andy and his true love Lucy are still working at the #TwinPeaks sheriff's department! #KimmyRobertson and #HarryGoaz are both reprising their roles in the @twinpeaks revival! : Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

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