Tubelight: Kabir Khan gets Indian Army to train 600 actors for Salman Khan starrer

FP Staff

May,25 2017 13:54:45 IST

Salman Khan's Tubelight is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films of this year. Slated to be released worldwide during Salman's most-favourite release time Eid, this film has already set tremendous interest among the billions of Salman fans.

The makers of the film are all set to launch the much awaited trailer on 25 May 2017.

The film is based around the India-China and involves more than 600 actors who were cast to play army personnel. Sohail Khan’s character in the film is also an army officer.

Salman Khan with the Indian Army and other actors.

Salman Khan with the Indian Army and other actors.

Kabir Khan, the director of the film, came up with a unique yet effective idea to get include 600 real soldiers in Tubelight, to perform with conviction. He asked the Indian army to train these actors for the film, to which they readily agreed. They took the actors under their regime for a couple of weeks.

They organized a boot camp for the actors and trained them rigorously to make them look like real-life soldiers. The actors had a complete transformation and showcased the body language of a soldier that looks completely convincing. They even learnt to hold their weapons and armour perfectly.

Tubelight is produced by Salma Khan and Salman Khan. It stars Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and the Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. It is being co-produced by Amar Butala. Pritam has been roped in to compose music for the film.

Updated Date: May 25, 2017 14:14 PM