'Transformers: The Last Knight' trailer: A visual treat, showing a different side of Optimus Prime

Devansh Sharma

Dec 06, 2016 14:18:22 IST

The theatrical trailer of Transformers: The Last Knight is nothing short of a glimpse into an epic. The larger-than-life opening visuals, accompanied by the legendary voice of Anthony Hopkins, makes one effortlessly turn the pages of centuries that have gone by.

Transformers: The Last Knight trailer: A visual treat, showing a different side of Optimus Prime

A still from the trailer of Transformers: The Last Knight. Courtesy: YouTube

The stunning beautiful visuals project a blend of fact and fiction. Fiction in terms of dinobots, the ancient transformers and counterparts of dinosaurs from the Earth. And fact, in terms of all the brutal wars that have been fought between man and man, and man and beast. The beast, in this case, represents the transformers.

As Hopkins builds up the drama in the battle of the 'flesh' and the metal, Jonathan Sela's cinematography, Industrial Light and Drama's visual effects and Steve Jablonsky's background score escalate the tension between the two warring sides.

"Optimus Prime has left us...," narrates Hopkins' voice. However, much to the viewers' surprise, Prime strikes back in the final minutes of the trailer, only to attack Bumblebee. He precedes his attack with an apology, leaving the fans wondering why Prime is so helpless yet determined while killing his fellow Autobot.

Though the following jump-cut to the title of the film is rather abrupt, one cannot help but fail to rise above the shock factor of the otherwise altruistic Prime, in a more purplish look, attacking Bumblebee. Has he chosen a side in the war between humans and transformers? Does he not approve of Bumblebee's alliance with the humans?

Another question that looms large by the end of the trailer is the one posed by Hopkins' voice. "One hundred billion trillion planets in the cosmos, do you want to know why they keep coming here?"

Transformers: The Last Knight is the fifth installment in the Transformers series and will be the final one under the direction of Michael Bay. The film is produced by Paramount Pictures and is slated to release on 23 June, 2017.

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