Trailer Watch: Dhanush, Amitabh are gripping in Balki's 'Shamitabh' promo

FP Staff

Jan 08, 2015 15:53:28 IST

The much awaited Shamitabh trailer came out on Wednesday and while has the usual lapses in logic that most Hindi films do, it's not an entirely banal watch.

Trailer Watch: Dhanush, Amitabh are gripping in Balkis Shamitabh promo

Dhanush and Amitabh Bachchan in Shamitabh. Courtesy: YouTube

First things first - Dhanush putting paint on his face and acting a bit like Heath Ledger's now iconic The Joker is enough to spike the audience's interest.

From the sign language which Dhanush keeps using in the film, you can assume that Dhanush's character is deaf and mute, which confirms an earlier report in The Indian Express which said that his character would have those disabilities.

From the trailer, Dhanush seems to be playing the role of a deaf and mute small-timer who wants to make it big in Bollywood and become a star. At least for the few seconds we see him in the trailer, he comes across an convincing.

If the trailer is anything to go by, perhaps Dhanush is set to make big enough an impact despite the presence of the powerhouse performer Amitabh Bachchan. When Bachchan walks into the trailer in a maroon coat, he proves that he has still got the 'Angry Young Man' attitude which is a crowd puller.

The trailer then gets down to business and explains the plot of the film, which seems to be pretty straightforward. The continuously playing 'Sha...sha..sha...Mi..Mi..Mi...What a star!' soundtrack does more than enough to tell you that Shamitabh is about the struggle and rivalry between two people over stardom. The name 'Shamitabh' is appropriately chosen as 'Amitabh' is very closely associated with stardom.

Moreover, when Bachchan's character explains the entire 'Water needs whiskey' theory, the plot becomes all the more clear.

The best aspect about the trailer is the chemistry between Bachchan and Dhanush. The most striking aspect about Shamitabh trailer is the 'mentor-student' bond gone ugly which Bachchan and Dhanush very convincingly portray.

However, we don't get a lot of details about other characters in Shamitabh, especially that of Akshara Haasan's.

Needless to say, though, the trailer does its job. With the return of Bachchan to a role which looks deep and complex after the terrible Bhoothnath Returns, Shamitabh will be an exciting film.

Updated Date: Jan 08, 2015 15:53:28 IST