Tom Hardy sets up fund for victims of Manchester Attack; proceeds go to British Red Cross

FP Staff

May 26, 2017 12:09:30 IST

Every once in a while — far too often these days — tragedy strikes and shakes humanity to its very core.

One begins to question the senselessness of things and the foundation of the very pillars that us mortals are hinged on. One of the most apt examples of this was the suicide bombing that took place in Manchester on Monday.

Tom Hardy sets up fund for victims of Manchester Attack; proceeds go to British Red Cross

Tom Hardy. Reuters

The terror attack happened during pop singer Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman tour. The bomb went off towards the end of the concert in the foyer area of the Manchester Arena and the attack took the lives of 22 people, along with injuring 59 others — many of whom were women and children.

Apart from leaving the world in a wake of grief, the blast also distressed the entertainment industry as a whole.

Following the blast — one such affected person from the entertainment industry was Tom Hardy. He has since set up a JustGiving page that has gotten the required verification. Hardy has been urging people to come forward and donate at a time where many families will have to start their lives over, especially ridden with grief.

Hardy's campaign has crossed its £15,000, and all the proceeds are going to be integrated into the British Red Cross Society. Their ongoing campaign has raised over £2 million so far, with more and more generous donations pouring in by the minute.

On his JustGiving page Tom Hardy wrote, "“I hope between us we can raise some funds as a gesture of goodwill and love to help in some small way towards repairing some if any of the damage done in the wake of last night’s events. There will be much to do and for many, the beginning of a new life without those that they love and also a new life damaged irrevocably by the actions of a crime which has no reason, no heartfelt purpose but was simply a cruel cowardly and barbaric, meaningless act of violence. A road to recovery unimaginable.”

The actor went on to call terrorism 'abhorrent' and an 'atrocity' and strongly urged people to come forward and donate in whichever capacity that they can.

Updated Date: May 26, 2017 12:10:15 IST