Today in 'wait, what?' — Masaba Gupta, Shabana Azmi and Chetan Bhagat have this in common

FP Staff

Oct,12 2017 17:04:45 IST

Trolls, trolls everywhere.

Today we woke up to the news of Masaba Gupta being called names after she supported the Supreme Court's cracker ban. Yes, such people exist. The ace designer then took to social media and shut those trolls down with a single tweet.

While many from the entertainment industry lauded Gupta's graceful reply, Chetan Bhagat's comment on the tweet stood out. Dishing out some CB gyaan, the writer told Gupta "You are amazing, one of the truly most inspiring people I have met. learn from me. don't let 'em trolls get to you. you r bigger than that!" He begins well by saying that he finds Gupta very inspiring but he lost us at "Learn from me". We don't know what to feel about Bhagat's comment because, considering his Twitter history, he is probably not the best person to take cues from — at least not when it comes to handling trolls...unless you want to get trolled again. 

What we're saying is:

Or this:

Despite his reckless retweeting, he shouldn't be trolled. Oh...Oh...have you seen this one? 



Point is, Gupta should probably keep doing her own thing at shutting trolls down, right?

After recovering from the drama, we browsed through Twitter to lighten up and hey! Shabana Azmi had apparently committed the ultimate sacrilegious act by getting confused between poha and upma. What looks like a plate full of 'poha' was called 'upma' by the actor and Twitter couldn't handle it. Needless to say, there were trolls and supportive keyboard warriors having a field day. But a thought for people trolling her — It is her plate. It is her upma/poha. She can decide to call it...we don't know...Upmoha?

And the replies to her mistake, which we'll admit is kinda cute, are equally hilarious if not more.

We do find some of these tweets hilarious but getting trolled for misspelling a dish or taking a stand is just MTV Splitsvilla level uncool. Don't do it. Even if you're Chetan Bhagat and get a li'l carried away while tweeting, say no to trolling and getting trolled.

Updated Date: Oct 12, 2017 17:11 PM