The Weeknd 'Secrets' music video fails to impress as much as 'Starboy' or 'I Feel It Coming'

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Jun 12, 2017 15:21:18 IST

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye a.k.a The Weeknd returns to our screen with another bizzare visual treat in the form of his song 'Secrets' from his chart-topping album Starboy.

He has been rolling out the videos for his songs one by one and 'Secrets' is the latest one in the list.

The songs starts of with a woman dressed in a short trenchcoat with a string of French words in the background as she starts running (not entirely sure towards what). The video then immediately cuts to the female protagonist levitating in the air in a teal dress. Her head is rolled backwards as it hangs without any support while her left hand is stretched backwards, and yes, all this is happening but we can't for the life of us understand why.

You can try to decipher this position and its relevance through this screenshot

The Weeknd Secrets music video fails to impress as much as Starboy or I Feel It Coming

Screenshot from The Weeknd's latest music video 'Secrets'.

After this beautiful piece of cinematic brilliance, once again the shot cuts with a jerk, and we are presented with The Weeknd's extremely unamused face on our screens. His curly hair is in full bloom and even though his face isn't in tandem with the words that his voice is crooning (everybody wants you, my love) we can't help but let out a small sigh of adoration for this man that has presented us with many refreshing hits.

After this our screen is flooded with a poor imitation of the Lotus Temple as it unfolds in all its glory. Another man enters the picture and the female lead is slowly lowered onto the Lotus-like bed in the middle of what looks like a mall.

This Pedro Martin-Calero directed video seems to have a story line (one man is after a girl, but the girl seems to be enamoured by another man — surprise, surprise) however it lacks the vision to see it through.

The Weeknd is known for his eccentric videos with their eclectic visuals however this one just doesn't seem to fit that bill. With stellar productions like 'I Feel It Coming', 'Starboy' and 'False Alarm' to name a few, 'Secrets' comes as a major let down. The only thing that makes me happy about this video are the close-ups of The Weeknd's luscious locks that grace my screen from time to time.

Having been touted as an underrated artist with heaps of talent, over the years The Weeknd seems to have given in to the art of being commercial. 'Secrets' sees the artist trying a little too hard to have an unconventional aesthetic, even when it's not required.

After a game of cat and mouse between The Weeknd, the female lead and the 'other man' — the video ends here

Screenshot from The Weeknd's music video 'Secrets'.

Screenshot from The Weeknd's music video 'Secrets'.

..And so does our review.

Watch the official video of 'Secrets' below

Updated Date: Jun 12, 2017 15:21:18 IST