The Valley: Saila Kariat's award-winning film starring Suchitra Pillai to release in India on 2 March


Feb 20, 2018 19:13:12 IST

New Delhi: Actress Suchitra Pillai's award-winning American film The Valley will be releasing in India on 2 March.

Produced by Wavefront Productions and helmed by Saila Kariat, The Valley, also starring Alyy Khan, brings out an important message on depression. It follows a distraught father as he searches for answers after his college-age daughter's suicide.

The Valley poster. Image via Facebook/The Valley

The Valley poster. Image via Facebook/The Valley

The film has won awards at many film festivals like Berlin International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, Madrid International Film Festival, Out of the Can Film Festival and DC South Asian Film Festival.

Kariat says the film "deals with themes of ambition and the drive for success versus human connection, through the story of a young girl suffering from depression, who makes the ultimate tragic choice".

"I am so happy that we are all set to have its India release on 2 March," she added.

Updated Date: Feb 20, 2018 19:13:12 IST