The Stage 3: Zoe takes home second Power Pin in a tribute to Elvis Presley

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Nov 20, 2017 10:25:29 IST

Ardent music lovers probably had an eargasm as they tuned in to this week's episode (11, 12 November) of The Stage 3 on Colors Infinity. All our favourite artists returned to our television screens and took to the stage as they sang songs from our all time favourites.

The theme for this week was Greatest of all Time, or #GOAT as everyone on the show referred to it, and it had covers of songs from the crème de la crème of the music world. From Pearl Jam to Bob Marley, The Stage saw it all (literally and figuratively).

The episode commenced with snippets from a masterclass held by Monica Dogra, one of the four judges on the show. She was seen teaching the contestants how to bring emotion and feel to their performance. Dogra's lesson focused on bringing out the 'artist within you' and was all about finding that 'balance' and 'control' between good singing and showing ones inner emotions on stage.

The Stage 3: Zoe takes home second Power Pin in a tribute to Elvis Presley

The Stage 3 contestants.

Arish was named the Artist of the Week for the second week in a row. Out of the six artists that were benched last week, Zoe found herself in the Battle of the Bench once again. However Akshay, one of the only four artists who were saved in the previous episodes, found himself torn away from the safe zone and thrown into the Battle of the Bench due to receiving low audience votes. A musical war ensued, with Akshay singing 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars and Zoe taking on Calum Scott's 'Dancing on my Own'. Akshay was eliminated and an emotional departure followed.

The first performance of the week was given by Shaurya as he sang the Pearl Jam classic 'Black'. He received three greens and one red light from Devraj Sanyal, one of the other four judges aside from Dogra, Vishal Dadlani and Ehsaan Noorani. Shaurya's performances prompted Dadlani to take to the stage with the singer as Pentagram's vocalist belted out the song in his perfect-for-rock-and-roll voice. It truly was a moment to remember. Next up was Chochung as she sang 'Turn Your Lights Down Low' by Bob Marley. She was given three reds and a green light by Dogra for her performance as she made her way to the bench. Arish sang 'She's Always a Woman' by Billy Joel and received a green by Dogra and a gold from Noorani mid-performance. Sanyal and Dadlani too gave the young artist two green lights.

Jalandhar Massive took to the stage and belted out the Backstreet Boys' 'Larger Than Life'. They received two green lights and two reds from Sanyal and Dogra. Next up was Urgen as he sang 'Cream' by Prince and the New Power Generation. By the end of his performance, three out of the four judges were on their feet as they hooted and clapped. Dogra gave the performance a gold, while the other three went with greens.

Diyatom took the stage next as he sang Coldplay's 'Up&Up'. However at the very start of the performance Diyatom faced a glitch and had to start over — something that did not sit too well with the judges. After the initial mess-up, it seems as if the artist was thrown off track and as was expected, Diyatom was benched having received four reds by the judges. Next up was Zoe as she sang Elvis Presley's 'Always On My Mind'. As soon as the performance reached its close, Dadlani pressed the gold button. What we saw next was an emotional Dadlani as he broke down in tears and recounted how Elvis Presley's music was his entry into the world of song. After receiving high praise from the rest of the judges as well, Zoe took home the second Power Pin of the season in what can be called The Comeback of the show.

Another Power Pin holder Siddhant was up next as he sang Justin Timberlake's 'What Goes Around Comes Around'. Receiving one green light from Dogra, Siddanth made his way to the bench having received 3 reds from the rest of the panel. Nisa took the stage next as she sang U2's 'Where The Streets Have No Name'. She received one red from Dogra and three greens as she headed back to the safety of the Artist Hangout.

Updated Date: Nov 20, 2017 10:25:29 IST