The Stage 3: Akshay Dakhane on his elimination, memorable performances, and future plans

Parul Sharma

Nov 15, 2017 21:29:32 IST

The Stage 3 returned to our screens this week and saw the elimination of the immensely talented Akshay Dakhane as the Top 10 became the Top 9. A shocked response was evident among the judges and contestants alike, as Akshay was one of the only four artists who had been saved by the judges in the previous week; having received four green lights. It was due to low audience voting that Akshay found himself snatched from the safety of the artist hangout and thrown into the Battle of the Bench alongside fellow contestant Zoe Siddharth, after which the judges took a call and Akshay was eliminated.

The Stage 3: Akshay Dakhane on his elimination, memorable performances, and future plans

Eliminated contestant Akshay Dakhane.

Firstpost got chatting with the warm, exuberant young artist, who "finds happiness in small things", about all things music post his exit from the show. Akshay talked about his journey on The Stage, what he imbibed from each of the four judges (Vishal Dadlani, Monica Dogra, Ehsaan Noorani and Devraj Sanyal), his special moments on the show and his future plans.

How has your journey on The Stage been?

It's been awesome. I had an amazing time. The whole thing feels so unexpected and surreal. A lot of people auditioned to be in the top 12. The entire process was very up close and personal for me as I went through the ground auditions in Mumbai. Several of the other artists in the Top 12 got through on the basis of their online auditions, but I got the feel of being right in the middle of it all. Getting selected and making it through to the Top 12 was very unexpected. It takes a lot of time and hard work. I've never been on a reality television show. The day of my elimination, I remember feeling a sense of safety and security because six artists were on the bench, and I was one of the only four that had gotten saved. But the audience voting completely turned it around. At the time, being thrown into the danger zone came as quite a shock, but I did my best. I sang my heart out, and it was a tough call for the judges.

Side Note: I was very excited about the room and the food that was provided to us by the show, and how much care they took of me during my time here.

What were the things you learnt from the judges and from this competition?

Ehsaan taught me the quality of humility. He always reminded all of us to be grounded and never let the fame and recognition get to our head. In fact I had been to one of his masterclasses five years ago and had learnt a lot from him then too. Vishal taught me the correct mic technique. He's super cool. Monica actually conducted a proper masterclass and in that she taught us how to take a story in your life and put it in your performance. After her masterclass and guidance I've started looking at things from a very emotional perspective. She taught me how to make a song my own. The thing with Devraj is — he looks at you as a complete entity. He focuses on the whole package; singing well, performing well. Jennifer, our vocal coach taught me a lot about breathing and diaphragm control.

The Stage taught me to work hard and get in the groove and pay attention to minor details. Immense respect for all the judges and all the contestants of the show. All the actual techniques that I've learnt in music, I've learnt on the show only.

Which was your most memorable performance and why?

The one performance I felt and enjoyed the most during my time at the show was 'When I Was Your Man' by Bruno Mars. That was the song where in which I went from the technicality of a song to the feel of a song, and I feel that it definitely showed in that performance. I myself felt emotionally moved by that performance. I enjoyed it. I felt it. Technically also it went well, although I wasn't paying attention at the time and was just lost in my singing.

Updated Date: Nov 16, 2017 11:28:22 IST

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